Sunday, February 7, 2016


The opportunity for WHSS members to join the American Legion Post 8 in Winter Haven and have a rebate of some or all of their WHSS league fees is over for this season. Ron Thompson has compiled a list of members who have taken advantage of this great offer from the American Legion. The list is being published to make sure that no one was left out. Below are the names and associated rebates for each member of WHSS. Please review this list and let Ron Thompson know if there are any corrections. Thanks.

Seven New members or Transfers ($40.00 rebate each)
Robert Humphrey,   Frank Miller, Ralph Boswell, Nick Burns, Jack McNiven, Dean Schapeler, Larry Strait.

Seven Legion renewals ($20.00 rebate each)
Bernard Mohan, Charles Duff, Robert Reagan, John Gibson, William Bowley, Richard Moots, Eugene Dudley

Eight   Sons Members ($20.00 rebate each
Ron Thompson, Steven Hill, John Davis ,Elmer Black, Radley Pcholinski, Jeff Simon, Lawrence Grabb, Ron Pepin.

Don Witmer, Commissioner


A memorial service for Roger Edwards will be held at 11:00 AM on Saturday, Feb. 13th at the Marion Nelson Funeral Home in Lake Wales. The address is 454 S. Buckmoore Rd. Lake Wales.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


There will not be any games tomorrow in Winter Haven. There is a SSUSA tournament being played at the Diamondplex. See you next Tuesday.

Don Witmer

I lost a good friend yesterday. Winter Haven Senior Softball lost a good ball player and a member of our softball family. Roger played in Winter Haven, played on a 50's travel team and played on a 60's travel team. He was the type of player that everyone wanted to have on their team. Roger was diagnosed with cancer last year and the cancer finally got the best of him. There will be a celebration of his life in the near future. When I get the details, I will let everyone know. Please keep Roger's family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Expo's manager Elmer Black and The Rays managed by Larry Powell played two games today. The Expo's had not lost a game until today.

The Rays started the first game by scoring 5 runs in the first two innings. They also scored in every inning including 5 runs in the fifth inning to lead the entire game.
Final score was Rays 19--Expo's 9.
Expo's leading hitters were:
Herb O. 2-3
Don Ing 2-3 one Home run
Hal Ridley 2-3
Don Hawbaker 2-3 
Bernie Mohan 3 3 one double
Rudy LaPointe 3-3

Rays leading Hitters were: 
Richie Marino 3-3 one triple
Jerry Remington 3-3 
Harlan Lautenschlager 3-3 one double
Donnie Torok 3-3 one home run,one double
Fern Borrelli 3-3 one double
Jerry Witter  2-2

The second game was a flip flop with the Expo's scoring in every inning including 5 in the first and third innings. The Rays scored runs in every inning but the fourth;but were limited to one or two runs in each inning.
Final Score was Expo's 18 --Rays 10.

Leading hitters for the Expo's:
Herb O. 3-4
Don Ing 3-3 
Hal Ridley 3-3 
Reggie Barnes 2-2
Dave Abney 3-3

Leading hitters for the Rays:
Jerry Remington 3-3
Harlan 3-3 
Bob Hite 2-3 
Fern Borrelli 3-3
Larry Powell 2-3
Gary Burtner 2-3
Jerry Witter 3-3

Submitted by Larry Powell
Winter Haven Senior Softball Feb 2, 2016
The fields are drying out, the sun is shining and it’s a great day for a double header.  Let’s play two today guys.  Fabian’s team known as the visitors for the first game lined up like this:  Sequin, Poke, Boswell, Carpenter, Hartley, Bess, Wilcox, Abramoff, Dudley, Fabian, Morey, McPartlan and Minder.  LaMay’s home team known as the Cub batted in this order:  Andrews, Thompson, Laffoon, Shaffer, Miller, Guspyt, Jones, Kline, Taylor, Leggett, Welton, Moots, L. Baker.  Two walks and a double off the bat of Carpenter produce a run in the first for the Visitors.  Cub’s Andrews and Thompson started with singles and Laffoon doubled over the fence then Guspyt’s base hit and the Cub’s ended the inning with 4 runs.  Both team posted 0’s in the second.  Gisele Sequin led off the third with a liner to center, Poke reach base and Boswell walked then Carpenter drove two runs with a double.  Abramoff singled in a runner from 2nd for the fourth run of the inning to take the lead at 5 to 4.  Cub’s added another zero.  Good defense held the visitors scoreless in the 4th.  Cubs came back to take the lead on Miller’s single and a triple off the bat of Jones.  Three more base raps from Taylor, Leggett and Welton netted the Cubs 3 for the inning.  In the 5th a liner headed to center off the bat of Sequin was snagged by Kline for the first out then two singles from Poke and Boswell followed by Carpenters third double of the game and Bess’s single tallied 2 runs for the Visitors to tie the game at 7 each.
Cubs came up with another zero in the bottom of the 5th.  Cubs base hits from Laffoon, Miller and walk followed with a liner off the bat of Kline to score two runs and a 9 to 7 win for the home team as the visitors were held scoreless in the top of the 7th inning. 
Not much hitting in this low scoring game.  Carpenter for the Visitors 3 for 3 all doubles.  Laffoon 3 for 3 with double. 
Game two followed after a brief rest.  Cubs were the visitors this game with the same line up as the first game.  Fabian’s team lined up the same way also.  Andrews led off the first with a liner to left center, Thompson line one to Sequin at first base (great catch) then Laffoon and Kline had singles to card 2 runs in the first.  Fabian’s  Home team for this game also tallied 2 for the inning on base raps from Poke and Carpenter and Hartley’s double.  Cubs went down 1 2 3 in the second.  Home team scored one in the second with a key hit from manager Fabian.  Welton started the 3rd with a liner to right, Moots and L. Baker also reach base and Andrews, Thompson singles and Laffoon doubled and scored on a throwing error for the 5th run.  Home posted a zero in the bottom of the inning.  In the fourth six singles off the bats of Shaffer, Guspyt, Kline, Jones Taylor and Leggett put 4 more on the boards for the Cubs.  Two singles from Hartley sandwiched around a walk to Bess for a run.  Cubs added another 5 runs in the 5th inning to take a 16 to 4 lead.  Home team were scoreless in the top of the 6th and the flip flop rule was put into effect.  Final Score 16 to 4. 
Leading hitters for the Home team:  Poke 2 for 3, Carpenter 2 for 3, Hartley 2 for 3.
Cubs:  Andrews 3 for 3, Laffoon 3 for 3 dbl, Jones 3 for 3 dbl. 
Submitted by Don LaMay

Softball Blues
Davis, Visitors: Rad, Rivera, Keller, Busch, Miller, Reed, Gonzalez, Coffman, Denny, Shirer, Crowell, Smith and Capozzi.
Matta: Home: Ford, Stier, Matta, Doerbaum, Wiltshire, Seguin, Alumbaugh, Gazarek, Parker, DeRidder, Burns, Thirey and Pinnick.
In AL league action, the Red team gave the blue team, “the blues”. The red team played an upbeat game, hitting the holes and making good fielding plays. The Blue team had their share of hits as well, but had a little trouble defensively in the field. The Home team did manage to slug 3 mammoth HRs over the fence, (DeRidder and Doerbaum x2), but could not keep up with the quantity of hits that rolled off the bats of the Red team. As a result the Visitors won by a score of 28-22.

WP: M. Gonzalez.
Leading Hitters For The Visitors:
Rad: 4/5.
Rivera: 4/5, with a triple.
Keller: 5/5 with two doubles.
Busch: 3/5 with a triple.
Miller: 4/5 with a triple and a double.
Reed: 3/4 and a SF.
M. Gonzalez: 3/5.
Coffman: 3/4.
Denny: 3/4.
T. Smith: 3/ 4.
Cappozzi: 3/4.
Leading Hitters For The Home Team:
Ford: 3/5.
Stier: 3/ 4 and a walk.
Doerbaum: 3/4, with two HRs and a walk.
Wiltshire: 3/5.
Seguin: 3/3 with a double.
Alumbaugh: 3/4 and a walk.
Burns: 3/5 with a double.
Parker: 3/ 5 with a double.
Write Up by Nick Matta

Gonzalez vs. D'Herin
This game was an old fashion butt whippin!  41 hits, 26 runs and excellent defense tells the story!!!  Congratulations  Amigo.  Final score 26-10.
Leading hitters for Gonzalez
Gonzalez 5-6
Witmer 4-5
Toro 4-5
Jacobson 4-6
Brock 4-5
Benson 3-5
Ogden 3-5
Constantine 3-5
Vanderhyde 3-5
Deemie 4-5
Leading hitters for D'Herin
Held 4-4
Farinas 2-3
D'Herin 2-3
Essenmacher 3-4
Fox 4-4
Reponon 3-4
Wells 2-4

Write Up by Joe D'Herin
Tuesday, January 26th.
Today was doubleheader day between the Cubs and the Rays.
Cubs managed by Don LaMay started the first game by scoring 5 runs in the first inning.The first five batters hit and scored with a triple by Al andrews and a double by Ron Thompson. The Rays managed by Larry Powell didn't score until the second inning with 3 runs--double by Bob Hite leading the way. The Cubs didn't score any more runs until the sixth inning to tie the score 8-8 on another double by Thompson.
The Rays added 5 runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to take the lead and win the game 13-8.
Leading hitters for the Cubs:
Al Andrews 3-3 double, one triple
Ron Thompson 2-3 two doubles
Ted Taylor 1-2 one double

Leading Hitters for the Rays:
Richie Marino 2-3 
Jerry Remington 3-3
Bob Hite 2-3 one double
Donnie Torok 3-3
Michael Wheeler 3-3
Larry Powell 2-2
Fern Borrelli 2-3

Second Game:  Rays scored 3 runs in the first inning on 6 hits, one walk.
The Cubs scored one run on hits by Al Andrews and Jimmy Laffoon.
The Rays scored 5 runs in the second, third , and sixth innings.
The Cubs only scored three runs until the last inning when they scored three more . Final Score was 23-6 with The Rays winning.
Leading hitters for the Cubs:
Jimmy Laffoon 2-3 
Frank Miller 2-3
Ed Guspyt 3-3
Jones 3-3
Ed Kline 2-3

Leading Hitters for the Rays:
Richie Marino 3-4 one home run
Jerry Remington 3-4 one double
Harlan Lautenschlager 4-4 two double
Bob Hite 3-4
Michael Wheeler 2-3 
Augie 2-2 one walk
Larry Powell 2-3
Gary Turpin 2-3 one double
Gary Burtner 3-3
Gerald Andrews 3-3 one home run

Submitted Larry Powell

Monday, February 1, 2016


The National League will continue their double header makeup games tomorrow for the rainout on Friday, Jan 15th. Games will be 7 innings. The home team listed for tomorrow will be the home team for the first game and will wear their Silver shirts. There is no need to change shirts for the second game. The visiting team in the first game will be the home team for the second game.

The American League does not have any double header games tomorrow.


 Don Witmer, Commissioner