Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.
Ron Butler’s team started the game today “like a house on fire.” They torched the home team for 5 runs in the first inning to take an early lead. It seemed like every time the Firefighting team tried to combat the blaze, the fire just burned hotter. It was like we threw kerosene on the fire, instead of water. When the Fire team hit the ball it would spin past the infielder, for a base hit, or a line drive would fall just in front of an outfielder. We were caught in a black fire; (This describes a situation where heavy, dense, black smoke is being emitted by a fire. This smoke will be of high velocity, turbulent and high volume.) It was difficult to find our way out of this inferno.
Team Fire, Visiting team: Andrews, Laffoon, Keller, Busch, Zelazny, Butler, Poke, Hartley, Hite, Kallester, Wheeler and Walsko.
Team Firefighters, Home team: Benson, Drouilard, Brock, Held, Erb, Reagen, Matta, Seguin, Dampier, Oesterreich, Coffman and Ing.
The Fire team continued to burn hot in innings 3 and 4. They had a four alarm fire in the 3rd inning, scoring 4 runs. They had a 5 alarm fire in the 4th inning, scoring 5 runs. Andrews, Keller, Busch, Zelazny, Kallister, Wheeler and Walsko all had big hits and scored runs in those innings. Andrews and Keller had multiple hits and scored twice, in those two innings. You might describe their hitting by saying, “great balls of fire”. In the middle of the 4th inning the score was Fire: 14- Firefights: 7. It looked like the Firefighters would get burnt in this game.
Before the fire got totally out of control and we lost the game, we the Firefighting team, “got fired up” ourselves, on offense and defense. We went to our emergency operations mode and answered back with 5-4-4 runs of our own, in the bottom of the 4th, 5th and 6th innings. Oesterreich, Coffman, Ing, Benson, Brock, Reagen and Seguin all had their “irons in the fire”, getting big hits. At the end of seven innings of play the score was Team Fire: 15- Firefighters: 20. The Fire team’s once promising seven run lead had gone “up in smoke”.
Pitcher Rick Brock did a good job of stamping out the fire that once burned wildly. Rick only gave up 4 runs in the 5 innings that he pitched. He was aided by several good defensive plays. Herb Oesterreich caught two balls in right field that should have fallen in for hits. Scot Seguin made two good catches at 2nd base and threw a runner out at the plate. Other strong defensive plays in the game were turned in by Bobby Reagen, who ran down a line drive, in deep left field. Don Erb pulled one out of the fire, when he caught a hot grounder at short and turned it into an out. For the Fire team, Bobby Hite “set the world on fire” making several great catches, while fighting the sun in right field.
The Firefighters continued to “fight fire, with fire” in the bottom of the 8th inning, to put the game away. Drouilard, Held, Erb, Matta, Seguin and Dampier all contributed to a 5 run inning. The Fire team was now only smoldering, they scored only one run in the top of the ninth. The game ended on a strong defensive play, when Seguin caught a smoking line drive and threw to first baseman, Matta, to complete a game ending double play.
Final Score: Fire: 18 – Firefighters: 27.
Practice fire safety, watch what you heat.
Fire Hall Of Fame:
Andrews: 4/5 with a double and a triple.
Laffoon: 3/5 with a double.
Keller: 4/4 with a double, HR and a SF.
Busch: 4/5 with a triple.
Poke: 3 / 4 with a double.
Hite: 3/ 4 with a double.
Firefighter’s Hall Of Fame:
Benson: 3/5.
Brock: 4/5 with two doubles.
Held: 3/4  with a SF.
Seguin: 3/5.
Coffman: 4/4 with a double.
Ing: 3/3 and a walk.
Write up by Nick Matta
We were graced with a cool, crisp, cloudless day for the highly anticipated rematch of the Angels and the T8's (Team 8 pronounced Tate's) on field B.  These teams played 10 innings in their first encounter ending in an unsatisfying  "Like Kissing Your Sister" tie.  The sun was a factor once again but it seemed it effected one team more than the other.  The Angels got off to a quick start with a 5-run 2nd and mounted a 6-2 lead in the 4th.   The sunglasses and defense kicked in from that point forward as the T8's ran off 15 unanswered runs while shutting out the Angels for 5 consecutive innings.  Final score T8's 17 - Angels 6.

Leading Hitters:

Angels:  Juan Toro HR 1B, Les Jacobson 2 1B, Mike Wiltshire 3B 1B

T8's:       Hamilton 4-4 , Wells 3-3, Essenmacher 3-3, Stiers 3-4, Gazarek 3-4, Farinas 3-4, 

Write up by Tom Hamilton
Todays game between the Braves and Nationals got off to a offensive start.
But ended with great defensive plays in the ninth inning.
The Braves quickly scored  5 runs in the first inning led by Bill McLellan's three run home run. The Nationals tied the game by scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the first inning led by Penny Pelletier's triple.
In the third inning the Braves took the lead by scoring  5 runs again led by Bill McLellan's three run home run. The seventh inning the Braves scored 5 runs on 5 straight hits with Bill McLellan and Harlan Lautenschlager both hitting back to back doubles. The Nationals didn't throw in the towel but tried to catch up by scoring 7 runs in the bottom of the seventh inning. Score was 17-14 going into the ninth inning.
The Braves added 3 runs in the top of the ninth to increase their lead to 20-14.
In the bottom on the ninth, the Braves defense really shined. Bill McLellan made a difficult catch at third base and Harlan Lautenschlager made a super catch up the middle on a hard hit ball by Steve Hill. Shortstop Russ King caught the last fly ball to end the game. Final Score was Braves 20-Nationals 14.

Larry Powell was winning pitcher. 

Leading hitters for the Braves:
John Fulton 3-4
Russ King 4-4 one double
Bill McLellan 4-4 two home runs & two doubles 
Gene Morey 2-2 one walk 

Leading hitters for the Nationals:
Jim Altemose 4-4 one walk
Penny Pelletier 4-4 one triple
Elmer Black 4-4 three doubles
Billy Crowe 3-4 

Write up by Larry Powell, Braves Manager
This game in the national league was a three team contest that would determine who would be the first place team based on the point system.  The hit team was the Cubs managed by Don LaMay.  Their lineup was Thompson, Taylor, Shaffer, Scarbrough, Michalski, B. Mohan, Leggett, G. Baker, Stepp, Yarletts and McPartlan.  The sit team was the Pirates and lead by Floyd Welton posted the following lineup:  Bess, Ducham, Mahon, Guspyt, Miller, Hawbaker, Witter, Kline, Barnes, Holley, Capozzi and Fabian.  The field team led by Jeff Simon had the following lineup:  D. Hill, Simon, Grabb, Gallagher, Remington, Marino, Zakrowski, Moots, G. Seguin, Gibson, L. Baker and Merritt.  In the first frame the hit team scored 5 runs featuring a Shaffer double.  The sit team responded with 3 runs on a F. Miller triple.  The  field team stayed in the game and scored five times on six hits and a walk.  After one inning the score was 5-3-5.  In the second inning the only team to score was the Marlins, the field team, with a four run outburst and a D. Hill HR to take the lead.  The third inning saw the hit team fail to score.  The sit team jumped back with a 4 run display powered by a Guspyt three bagger.  The Marlins, the field squad only scored a solo run led by a Remington double.  After three innings of play it was 5-7-10.  The fourth frame saw the hot hitting continue with the hit team scoring twice.  The Pirates scored three runs with a Guspyt double.  The Marlins increased their lead with a five run spurt on seven base hits.  After four innings the score was 7-10-15.  The fifth inning had the hit team, the Cubs, score one run.  The sit team scored three times and the field team scored one. After 5 innings the score was 9-12-16.  The Cubs scored one run in the top of the sixth.  The Pirates scored twice led by a Mahon triple.  The bottom of the sixth had the Marlins respond with five runs powered by a Grabb round tripper.  After six innings of play the score stood 10-15-21.  The Marlins were hoping their six run lead would hold up.  The Cubs, the hit team, failed to score in the seventh inning.  The sit team, the Pirates, refused to quit and  scored 8 runs to take a 2 run lead over the Marlins.  Their big hit  was a Guspyt grand slam.  The Marlins needed three runs to win in the bottom of the seventh.  Could they take advantage of being the field team with last licks.  They scored the three runs and had the winning run on a Remington base hit.  The final score was 10-23-24.  The Marlins earn two points and the Cubs get one point.  This was a close game and not decided until the bottom of the last inning of play.  The WP was G. Seguin.  Leading hitters for the Cubs: Shaffer 3-42B, Scarbrough 3-4 2B,  B. Mohan 3-3,  Leggett 3-3.  Leading batters for the pirates were Bess 2-4 BB,  Ducham 3-4,  Mahon 4-5 3B, Guspyt 4-5 HR, 3B, 2B,  Witter 2-3 BB, Kline 3-4, Barnes 3-3 BB, Holley 2-3 BB, Capozzi 3-4.  Leading hitters for the Marlins:  D. Hill 4-4 2B, HR, Simon 4-5, Grabb 4-4 BB, Gallagher 3-4, Remington 5-5 2B, 2B, Marino 4- Zakrowski 3-4, G. Seguin 3-3 BB, L. Baker 2-3 BB and Merritt 2-4.
Write up by Jeff Simon

Saturday, January 24, 2015

National League Game 1-23.2015   Nationals VS Cubs
The Nationals and Cubs matched up for the umpteenth time this season.  The Nationals posted this line up for Manager Elmer Black:  Waddell, Altemose, Peterson, Lopez, A Andrews, Ayers, Pelletier, Black, Crowe, Strait, Smith and Bowley.  Don LaMay’s Cubs were in this order:  Thompson, Taylor, Scarbrough, Evans, Stepp, Michalski, Leggett, Baker, DePalma, Yarletts, and McPartlan. 
Nationals had two walks and a single in the first and Cubs leftfielder Michalski made a great running catch to cut that inning short.  Cubs in the bottom of the inning first 5 batters had hits and scored the max 5 runs for the inning.  Nationals posted another 0 in the second.  Cubs Baker, DePalma, Yarletts and McPartlan started the 2nd with base raps then Thompson, Taylor and Scarbrough drove them in for another five run inning.  Black’s team said enough of that, Smith leads off with a base hit, Waddell and Altemose, followed with hits, and a Peterson walk.  Lopez triples Andrews and Ayers have singles and the Nats are on the board with 4 runs.  Cubs come back with base hits from Evans and Stepp followed with a long blast to left center off the bat of Michalski for a homerun netting 3 runs for the inning.  After 3 it was Cubs 13 and Nationals 4. 
The Nationals were held scoreless in the fourth and the Cubs added 2 more runs.  Top of the 5th and Bowley draws a walk, Waddell and Altemose also walk, Peterson doubles, Lopez singles and Andrews drives a one hopper to the fence in deeeeepp center to clear the bases and ends up with a homer.  After two outs Black, Crowe and Strait have base hits and the Nats end the inning posting 7 runs.  After they hold the Cubs scoreless in the bottom of the inning the score is now:  Cubs 15 – Nats – 11.
Cubs add one run in the 7th after holding the inspired Nats scoreless.  In the 8th the Nats tally 2 more runs to bring the score to 16 – 15.  Andrews leads off the 9th with a liner up the middle, and scores on a base rap from Ayers, Pelletier but a double play held the Nats to one run but the games was tied at 16. McPartlan leads off the 9th with a liner to right center, Thompson's single moves the runner to third and a liner down the right field line off the bat of Taylor drives in the winning run for the Cubs.
Final Score Cubs 17 – Nationals 16.
Outstanding play was made in right field by McPartlan as he raced in to make the catch.
Leading Hitters for Nationals – Waddell 3 for 3 with 2 walks, Altemose 3 for 5, Andrews 3 for 5 w/HR, Ayer 4 for 5, Black 3 for 5 w/3B
Cubs – Thompson 4 for 5 w/DBL, Taylor 4 for 5, Scarbrough 4 for 4 w/DBL, DePalma 3 for 4 w/DBL
Everyone seem to agree that this was quiet a game with Cubs getting off to a big lead and the Nats making a gallant come back to tie the game in the top of the 9th. 
Written by Don LaMay

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fortune cookie say “ you really crack me up”.

I started out today’s game by reading my team fortune cookies in our dugout. In our case, the way we played, it was more like misfortune cookies. Someone must have tainted our Chinese food, because we played like we had a severe case of food poisioning. Here is an ancient Chinese proverb that applied to today’s game. “It’s more fun being the hammer than the nail.”

Visiting Team, Hung Won Unem: Rivera, Denny, Stier, Finnegen, Levesque, Pepin, Essenmacher, Vandenberg, Farinas, Vandenhyde and Wells.

Home Team, Sum Tim Wong: Benson, Drouilard, Brock, Seguin, Erb, Matta, Reagan, Dampier, Osterreich, Roy and Ing.

Hung Won Unem, spread the ball all over the field. They scored 10 runs in the first 3 innings, all those runs were scored with two outs. Their fortune cookie read, “If opportunity is not knocking, build a door.”

The Sum Tim Wong team answered back with 7 runs in the first three innings. That is as close as we would get. After 3 innings the score was Visitors: 10- Home: 7.

Our fortune cookie read; “he who throws dirt, loses ground.” We must have been shoveling dirt in the air, because Sum Tin Wong fell way behind. Credit team Hung Won Unem for their excellent hitting. The Final Score was Visitors:31- Home: 18.

Playing softball is like eating Chinese food, in an hour you’re ready to do it again.

Thanks to Joe D’Herin for umpiring the game. Joe was a bit under the weather, so he could not play today for his team (Visiting Team). I am sure their performance made him feel a little better.


Outstanding plays:

Bobby Reagan for his catch of a sinking liner, at 2nd base.

Josh Wells, for pitching an excellent game. (WP)

Leading Hitters for the Visiting Team:

Rivera: 4/6 with a double.

Denny: 4/6.

Stier: 4/6 with a triple and a double.

Finnegen: 5/5 with two HRs.

Pepin: 2/3 with two walks.

Essenmacher: 3/3 with two walks.

Vandenberg: 1/1 and two walks.

Farinas: 3/5 with a triple.

Vandenhyde: 2/2 with a triple and 3 walks.

Wells: 3/5 with a double.

Leading Hitters for the Home Team:

Benson: 4/5

Drouilard: 4/6 with a triple.

Brock: 2/4 with a walk, double and HR.

Reagan: 3/5 with a HR.

Oesterreich: 3/ 4 with a double.

Ing: 3 / 4 with a double.


Write up by Nick Matta

Sun in the Batter's Eyes

Field B can be a trial some mornings.  The idea is for the pitcher to get the ball up into the bright sun where the batter can't see it. Of course the batter must raise a paw before the ball hits the plate to get a "no-pitch call" from the umpire.  Now then with the pitches moving at their peak speed of 4 mph the batter could just wait until the ball emerges from the bright spot and pound out an opposite field hit.  Hmmm.

Anyway Freddy's "Angels" (yes in quotes) played JD's Budweisers in a game that was unfortunately decided by attendance.  JD's squad could only muster 7 players by the 9am deadline and so the point goes to Mr Gonzales who as you may know, lost several games last year by the same measure ... so karma?  

Anyway we had enough pool players to play the game with fill ins from Ron Butler's BYE team to make a Home Team roster for substitute captain, Kirk Coffman to manage. 

Captain Kirk's boys took the early lead with a Dave Doerbaum three run homer into the 25 knot wind after the visiting Angels posted 2.  But that's about as close as Freddy's boys would get.

After 5 innings the score was 4 - 12 in favor of the Substitute JDs.  

The Angels made a run at them though after coming up with 5 runs in the 7th to close the gap to 9-12 thanks to some solid hitting by Borrelli and Lopicollo followed up with a Constantine double and a series of base hits.  Unfortunately, they left a couple of runners on when the rally died. 

In the 8th the Home team posted 4 more on another 3 run Dave Doerbaum homer into the stiff wind.  Dave hit the ball hard enough to travel 400 ft  but into the wind it almost blew back into the park, falling just over the left field fence and out of the reach of Raul Torres.

The Angels went down with another zero frame in the ninth.

Final Score: Angels 10 - JDs 16.
Winning Pitcher:  BJ Kallister

Big Hitters


  • Constantine  3 for 5 2 2B
  • Witmer  5 for 5
  • Gonzalez  3 for 5
  • Lopiccolo  3 for 5


  • Gazarek  4 for 5
  • Lafoon 3 for 5 2B
  • Doerbaum  4 for 5 2 HR
  • Hill 3 for 5
  • Fabian 3 for 4
submitted by Ron Butler

Field C National League

Today's game on field C was a three team competition.  

The hit team, the Marlins, were managed by Simon and the  lineup was D. Hill, Simon, Marino, Hite, Gallagher, Zakrowski, Moots, G. Seguin, Gibson, L. Baker, and Merritt.  The sit  team, managed by Powell, inc. Fulton, Turpin, Macho, King, McLellan, Lautenshano, Augenstein, Ragonese, Ayala, Bloom, Podbielski, Mordy and Powell.  The field team, managed by Welton inc. F. Miller, Copozzi, Kline, Guspyt, Mahon, Bess, Hawbaker, Mohan, Witter, Holley and Barnes.  With three teams this was a seven inning game. 

The first inning started slowly with the field team, the Pirates scoring only one run.  The second inning the Marlins scored 3 runs and the sit team followed with 3 runs of their own. The third inning started with a five run rally for the Marlins keyed by round trippers from Marino and Hite.  The sit team, the Braves, added 3  runs.  After 3 innings of play the score stood at   8-6-1. 

The Braves kept up the pressure with a strong 5 run 4th inning powered by a Tim Gallagher HR.  This was the Braves third HR of the game.  The sit team did not score in the fourth frame and the Pirates, the field squad ended a 2 inning drought by pushing across 2 runs with a Bess double being the key hit.  The fifth inning saw the Marlins score three times to take a 10 run lead.  But not so fast.  The sit team, the Braves, responded with 5 runs on doubles by King and McLellan.  The field team decided to join the party and scored 5 times keyed by a Mahon triple.  The score after five innings was 16-11-8.  

The Marlins scored only one run in the top of the sixth on a sac fly by Duff Hill.  The Pirates failed to score in the bottom of the sixth.  The score after six frames was 17-14-8.  

The Marlins added two runs in the top of the seventh to take a 5 run lead over the sit team, the Braves.  The sit team made a game effort to overtake the Marlins by scoring three runs inc a triple by Lautenshano but fell 2 runs short.  The field team showed a lot of heart by scoring 4 runs  on a triple by Gusypt and a double by Hawbaker. 

The final score was 19-17-12  

The WP was Giselle Seguin.  

Leading hitters for the Marlins: D. Hill 3-5, Simon 3-5, Hite 3-3 HR, 2BB, Gallagher 3-5 HR, Zakrowski 4-5, Moots 4-5, L. Baker 4-5 Merritt 4-4.   

The Braves  leading batters were Fulton 2-3  , King 3-4, McClellan 3-4 HR, Lautenshano 3-4 3B, Augenstein 2-3 BB, Mordy 2-3 BB.  

Leading hitters for the Pirates: Hahon 3-4 3B, Bess 3-3 BB  2B, Hawbaker 3-4 2B, Mohan 3-4, and Barnes 2-3.  

The points were  Marlins 2 points and the Braves 1 point.

submitted by Jeff Simon

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A grey, gloomy, cold overcast day on the Sunshine field (Field B).  The National League game between the Capitals, Braves and Pirates ended as a struggle between the Braves and Pirates.  Elmer Black’s Capitals were forced to forfeit when only eight rostered players were available at game time.  Supplemented with pool players Blacks team scored five runs in the first inning and never looked back, scoring five in the sixth inning and six in the seventh for a total score of 21 runs in seven innings. Big hitters for the Capitals were Peterson, Lopez and Ayer, all 4 for 5 at the plate.  Angel Farinas was four for four.


The game between the Braves and Pirates appeared to be going all the Braves way, leading 11 to 4 after 5 innings, however the Pirates were not giving up.  After the Braves were held scoreless in the 6th the Pirates answered with 4 runs all scored by the bottom of the order.  In the 7th inning the Braves were again held scoreless.  The Pirates are down three runs with one more chance at bat.  Kline singled, Guspyt tripled and Mahon tripled.  With two out Witter walked, Hawbaker doubled and Holley singles.  PIRATES WIN 13-11. Braves big hitters were Fulton 4 for 4, McLellan a home run and 2 doubles, Lautenschlager a triple, double and single, Augenstein 3 for 3.  For the Pirates Miller had a game starting triple and a single, Guspyt a triple, double and a single, Hawbaker 2 singles and 2 doubles.

Write up by Reggie Barnes

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Marlins VS Cubs -  Tuesday, Jan.20, 2015      Field E
The Marlins face the Cubs in a two game contest on field E this morning.  Manager Jeff Simon places his team in this order:  Simon, Grabb, D Hill, Remington, Marino, Zakrowski, Long, Moots, Sequin, Merritt, L. Baker and Gibson.  Cubs manager Don LaMay lined up his players in this order:  Thompson, Shaffer, Scarbrough, Evans, Stepp, Michalski, Leggett, G. Baker, DePalma, Yarletts, McPartlan and Vandenburg. 
Manager Simon leads off with a deep fly out to right center, Grabb reaches base and D. Hill lines a rope to center but the Marlins could not push a run across the plate.  For the Cubs Thompson also hits to deep right center that was caught.  Shaffer lines a double and Scarbrough follows with another double, Evans and Stepp and Leggett hits a home run to bring in the 5th run of the inning.  Both teams post 0’s in the second.  In the third Cub pitcher Leggett was on the mark as he held the Marlins scoreless in the first 3.  Cubs added another 5 spot in the bottom of the 3rd.  10 to zip after 3 innings.  In the fourth after one out Grabb walks, and D. Hill drives one in the gap to the fence for a homer.  Marino and Zakrowski follow with base raps but were left stranded on the bases.  Cubs add 3 in the bottom of the inning.
In the fifth after holding the Marlins to another 0 the Cubs added another 5 runs to take charge of the game.  Or so they thought.  Marlins came out in the 6th with Gibson leading off with a liner to left, Simon homers, Grabb doubles, Hill, Remington, Marino, and Long have base hits and the Marlins are back in the game.  So, the Cubs Vandenburg leads off with a triple down the left field line, Thompson & Shaffer single and Scarbrough triples and Evans and Stepp have singles and Stepp's hit drives in the 5th run of the bottom of the 6th.  The never give up Marlins come to bat in the 7th with another 6 run inning and then hold the Cubs scoreless in the bottom of the inning.  After 7 innings the score is Marlins 14 – Cubs 23.  Both teams were scoreless in the 8th inning.  Marlins hitter L. Baker reaches on an error leading off the 9th, Gibson walks, Simon doubles and Hill lines his 5th hit of the game to drive in the 3rd run of the inning.  Cubs defense tightens and get the final two outs of the inning.  Great try Marlins.  Final score was Marlins 17 – Cubs 23.
Notable plays, Merritt made a running grab of a liner hit in the gap.  Scarbrough made a running catch from shortstop in shallow center field, and McPartlan made a great catch to cut the ninth inning rally by the Marlins.
Leading hitters:  Marlins – Simon 4 for 6 w/2HR, Grabb 3 for 6 w/2dbls, Hill 5 for 5 w/HR
Cubs – Thompson 3 for 4 w/3b, Shaffer 3 for 4 w/HR, Scarbrough 4 for 4 w/dbl/3b, Evans 4 for 4/dbl, Leggett 3 for 4/HR, and Vandenburg 3 for 3 w/HR/3b.
Write up by Don LaMay