Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Probably the least interesting game to watch all summer. No fantastic plays but the weather was fantastic with a cool breeze and no players were drenched in sweat down to their waist and below. Come on down snowbirds. Final score Simon's Smashers 16, Capozzi's Crusaders, 8 Witmer's Warriors 5. Leading hitters were (in no particular order). Capozzi 3-4, Wells 2-3, Hawbaker 3-4, Fabian 2-3, Herb O 5-5, Tony Q 4-5, Schappler 3-4. WP was Pat Lopicolo. 

There is supposed to be a lot of rain this week so watch the web sight to see if we play.
While there were no heroic, fantastic plays made, nearly ALL the routine ones were made.

Write up by Loren Fabian 

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Friday, August 26, 2016


We had enough players for four teams today. We are looking forward to when we can have four or more teams every day. Forty players showed up and each team had ten players. That is a lot of work in this Florida heat. The American League played nine innings while the National League played seven innings. Great ball games in both leagues. In the American League, the score was tied 7-7 in the bottom of the sixth. The visiting team scored 5 in the top of the seventh to take a big lead. The home team could only manage one run in the bottom of seventh but held the visiting team scoreless in the next two innings while scoring five runs in the bottom of the eight inning. Final Score was 13-12. BJ Kallister and Larry Wells pitched great games with Larry being the winning pitcher.

OK snowbirds, August is almost over and it is time to start migrating back to WHSS. The National League game was fantastic. It ended up Simon's Smashers 20 and King's Kruisers 20. Can't get any closer than that. It started out Smashers 14 and Kruisers 9 after 4 innings then got tied up 14-14 after 5 and the Kruisers put up a nickel in the bottom of the 6th to go up by 5 and had only 1 out bases loaded but it wasn't the open inning. Smashers came back with 6 in the top of the 7th for a 20-19 lead and the Kruisers got  1 in the bottom and everyone was drenched and did not want to play an extra inning. 
Bob Hite played middle infielder for King and caught 5 (five) hot line drives up the middle. Good news is he never had to leave the ground  for any of them. Good job Bob. 

Tied pitchers were Willie Morton and Pat Lopiccolo. We'll give them each a BIG W. Great game. 

Fans in the stands were Pat Merritt, Nancy Frazier and Melanie Hite. 

See YALL Friday. 

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We had another 3 team game this hot Friday morning. The game had to be played on Field B due to a youth baseball tournament that was being played on Saturday. As you can tell from the score below, one of the teams played at'm ball. The hit deep fly balls right at the outfielders. They hit line drives and hard ground balls right at the infielders. They made the defensive team look real good by hitting everything right at'm.

Final score -  Witmer's Warriors.        15
                     Kings Kruisers.              14
                     Zelazny's Zephers.         5
WP  was BJ. Kallister

Poke was 4-4 with a HR and there were 2 fantastic defensive plays. One by Ralph Boswell going to the fence behind 3B and making a great backhanded catch against the fence before "loosing his footing". We could say he dove. The other was by Poke charging from behind the plate in foul ground to snag the catch. Great hustle and catch but not necessary as it was the 3rd strike. We all still loved it. 

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer

Friday, August 19, 2016

Well, another fine game other than the first 2 innings of defense by the home team of Fabian's Flyers. King's Kruisers  put up 9 in the first 2 innings thanks to many base hits to right field and some misplays on defense. It was 10-2 after 2 1/2 innings then it got competitive and was 10-10 after 6. Kruisers put up 3 in the 7th for a final of 13-10. 

Kruisers consisted of Spitaleri, Chrest, Simon 2-4, Schapler, King 4-4, Thompson 4-4, Acetta 2-4, Mohan, Moots, Merritt and Gene Baker. 

Flyers were manned by Torres, Lopez, Grabb 4-4, Laffoon 3-4, Hapeman 3-4, Norm, Hawbaker 3-4, Gibson, Barnes, Fabian 2-3, and Lee Baker. 

Thompson was the WP and the Kruisers had many fantastic defensive plays. Simon up the middle had a great catch, King at SS had 2 running catches behind 3B. Moots had a great one behind 1st base on a foul ball to save the inning. 

For the Flyers Laffoon fired a strike to L. Baker with the bases loaded for the first out of the 6th then got an inning ending double play. Fabian had 3 nice catches at middle infield on the outfield grass.

Holy cow. I forgot the play of the game made by Doug Hapeman. He charged in from centerfield on a sinking line drive and made the catch literally off his shoe laces. Fell down also but hung on. What a great addition Doug and the Kissimmee players have made to our wonderful WHSS.   

2 fans in the stands. Pat Merritt and Nancy Frazier.

The National League played another 7 inning game due to the heat but the American League remained strong with 9 brutal innings on Field B. The final score was 16 to 15 and the losing team had the tying and go ahead runs on base when the 9th inning ended.  

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What a game. 3 teams again. First I'll set the teams. BY THE WAY I HOPE ALL YOU SNOWBIRDS ENJOY THIS. I SURE DID. Simon's Smashers Coffman, Rad, Reagan 2-3, Laffoon 2-3 Marino, Poke, S. Hill, Simon, 3-3, Barnes, B.J. 2-3, Norm 2-3, Merritt 2-3

King's Kruisers  Crowell 3-3, Finnegan 4-4, King, 2-3, Hite 2-3, the BOZ 3-3, Wells 2-3. 

Zelazny's Zingers. Raul 3-5, Shirer 3-5, Lopez 3-5, Zelazny 2-3, D. Hill 2-3, Thompson 2-3and Bernie Mohan 3-3 again. No team has gotten him out in about 3 weeks and they're all base hits and doubles.  

The defensive plays have been fantastic lately. I know the new players from Kissimmee have contributed to this but has also brought us older fellow of play up a notch or two. 

Check these out.   Russ King made 2 fantastic plays up the middle the last one a backhand stab to flip to 2nd for the game ending play   END OF GAME. 

Sam Lopez stabbed a one hopper at third ,stepped on the base and fired to second for a DP  if there had been no outs I'm sure it would have been an easy triple play. 

Bernie Mohan was 3-3 AGAIN. GO BERNIE. 

Fabian had an unassisted DP at first. 

Reggie Barnes again played an excellent steady 2nd base. 
Fans in the STANDS. 
   Diane P.
   Pat Merritt
   Curt and Sande Gooch
   Melanie Hite. (And her cookies)
   Jimmy - friend of Tony 's. 

Today was the Summer Party hosted by the Board of Directors. Sandwiches, Chips, Cookies and Liquid Refreshments were served. Melanie Hite made a large batch of her famous Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for about 55 attendees. Don't forget to thank your Board of Directors for the party. The current Board of Directors are Reggie Barnes, Richard Moots, Bob Hite, Larry Powell, Joe D'Herin, Tommy Hamilton and Freddy Gonzalez.

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Friday August 5

A very well played 3 team game between King's Kruisers, Fabian's Flyers and Zelazny's Zingers. The Kruisers put 0's in the first 3 innings while the Zingers and Flyers each had 7 and then put up back to back goose eggs. The Kruisers put up a nickel in the top of the 6th so it was 7-7-7 when the Flyers took to the offense with 3 in the 6th and 2 more in the 7th while the Zingers put up 2 more goose eggs. Final.  King 7 Fabian 12 Zelazny 9. 

Kruisers consisted of Pepin, Rad 2-4, Crowell 2-3, Reagen, King, Marino, Hapeman 2-3, Thompson, Dudley, L. Baker and Simon

Flyers were made up of Hicks 4-5, Witmer 2-4, Lafoon 3-3 w/HR, Shirer 2-4, Boswell, Hite, Mohan who has been on a hitting terror going 4-4 AGAIN, Morton 2-4 and the Winning Pitcher, Fabian and Meritt. 

Zingers were manned with Jose Rodriguez 4-4, Dampier, Coffman 2-4, DeRidder 2-4, Zelazny, Lopez 3-4, D. Hill, Barnes, Moots and Wells. 

There were some interesting plays led by Johnny Merritt charging into 3rd base and getting his feet tangled at the base and taking a nose dive nearly to the dugout. He did sustain a scraped and bloody nose, sat out an inning but returned to finish the game behind the plate. Don Witmer got peppered by many balls at SS and made them all. There were 2 hot line drives hit at Fabian at 2nd base on 2 consecutive pitches by lefties Hapeman and Thompson. Fortunately he snagged them both and someone said there was actually air between his feet and the ground. I wonder!!!
But the play of the day and maybe of the summer was made in the 7th inning on speedy Steve Hicks. Steve hit a shot to the center field fence and wanted a HR. By the time Bobby Z. ran it down, he relayed to Dampier who relayed to Barnes who had went out who fired to  Duff Hill who turned and threw a strike to the plate to get Steve by a step. WOW!

Duff comes in the dugout boasting "you don't run on this arm". Man that was fun. 

Only one fan in the stands. Pat Merritt. She had to play nurse for Johnny after his spill at third base. 

Write up by Loren Fabian.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tuesday, August 2

We finally had enough players four teams. The American League played on Field B and the National league played on Field C. It was 100 degrees in the shade. The National League decided to play seven inning but the American League played nine innings.

The American League game stayed close for the entire game. The lead changed several times. At the start of the ninth inning, the visitors were ahead by two runs. They managed to score one more run for a three run lead. The home team came up in the bottom of the ninth with the top of the lineup batting. Steve Hicks led off with a single, Dave Shirer hit into a fielders choice, Jose Rodriguez singled, Dave Douerbaum singled and drove in two runs. The home team was still down one run when Don Witmer singled, Randy Crowell hit a deep fly ball for an out but Dave and Don both moved up one base. Bobby Reagan came up with the tying run at third base and the winning run at second base. Bobby Reagan hit a nice line drive to score both runs. Final Score: Home Team 13 Visitors 12.

The AL Visiting Team was made up of Jose Rivera, Rad Pcholinski, Tony Quinones, Gerry DeRidder, Luis Abreu, Ron Pepin, Miguel Gonzalez, Bob Zelazny, BJ Kallister and Jose Soto.

The AL Home Team was made up of Steve Hicks, Dave Shirer, Jose Rodriguez, Dave Doerbaum, Don Witmer, Randy Crowell, Bobby Reagan, Willie Morton, Poke Rodriguez, Richard Marino and Larry Wells
Simon's Smashers and King's Kruisers teamed up to take on Fabian's Flyers but came up on the short end of the stick 19-14. The Flyers started off the 1st with 4 runs and the Smashers answered with 5 in the bottom. After 4 innings it was Flyers 9 and Smashers 8. It was determined before the start it would be a 7 inning game due to the heat which turned out to be a very good decision. At the end of 6 the score was 14-10 and tongues were hanging out and shirts were drenched but we had fun. Just moving slower than the 1st inning. In the top of the 7th the Flyers put up a nickel for a total of 19 and the Smashers could only muster 4 for a total of 14. Ron Thompson pitched the entire game for the Smashers. Sam Lopez started for the Flyers and got the win but had mid inning relief help from Jimmy Laffoon then came back in to get the save. Ha, what a plan. Teamwork and comradery. 

The defensive play of the game was by Bob Hite playing out of position at third base racing away from the infield to make a backhanded catch of a pop fly down the 3rd base line. Great catch Bob. 

Lots of strong hitters.
Coffman.            4-4
Constantine.         4-4
King.                  4-4
D. Hill.                3-4
Strait.                 4-4

Spitaleri.             5-5
Laffoon.               4-5
Lopez.                4-5
Hite.                    4-5
Schapler.             3-5
Mohan.                4-4
Barnes.                3-4. 

Write ups by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer.

Friday, July 29, 2016

No Games Today in Winter Haven. The City is doing field maintenance and the ball park is closed.

See You Tuesday.

Don Witmer

Thursday, July 28, 2016


There are no softball games in Winter Haven tomorrow. The City is spraying the fields.

See you Tuesday.

Don Witmer