Monday, May 2, 2016


Don't forget to be at the ballpark no later than 8:30 AM. League play will begin around 9:00 AM.

Don Witmer

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

APRIL 12th, 2016

Today's game managers were Terry Smith and Larry Powell.
Members of Smith's Team were: Herbie, Chris C., Jack M., Terry S., Capozzi, Steve H., Denny S., B.J., Jerry R., Fabian, John M.
Members of Powell's Team were: Vandenberg, Coffman, Laffoon, Marino, Lopez, Boswell, Schapeler, Mahon, Yazz, Lee Baker, Powell.

Smith Team did not score many runs until the last inning--only 2 runs in second and third innings, one in the fifth, one in the seventh.
Powell's Team started out strong scoring 5 runs in both the first and second innings, then 4 runs in each of the third and fourth innings.
The score after seventh innings was Powell 25 --Smith 6.
Powell pitched most of the game. Jimmy Lafoon took over in the eight inning and Smith's Team woke up . They scored 6 runs in the eight inning and 4 more in then ninth inning ulitizing the flip rule.
Final Score was 25-16.
Leading hitters for Smith's Team: Jack McNiven 4-5, Steve Hill 4-5 , three home runs, Jerry Remington 3-4,one double,
Leading Hitters for Powell's Team: Vandenberg 4-5, one triple, one double, Coffman 3-5 one double, Jimmy Laffoon  4-5 one double, Richie Marino 4-5,
Sammy Lopez 5-5 one triple, one double , Larry Powell 3-4, Lee Baker 3-4

Larry Powell was winning pitcher and reliever.

Submitted by Larry Powell

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Elinor Munday, Wayne Mundy's Wife, Passes Away

Elinor Munday, Wayne Mundy's wife, passed away on Wednesday, April 13 after a lengthy illness. Wayne has been playing softball in Winter Haven and Lakeland for many years and our hearts go out to him in this difficult time.

Services will be held on Monday, April 18 at Bethany Christian Church at 4224 Pipkin Creek Rd., in Lakeland. Visitation will be at 2:15 p.m., with a service at 3 p.m.

Please keep Wayne and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Friday April 15, 2016  Field B
Two teams took the field today.  Usually Field B the hitters are looking into the sun, but today was overcast after rain last night.  So the teams were managed by Don LaMay (Visitors) and Sam Lopez (Home).  Visitors batting in this order were: Marinacci, Scarbrough, D. Hill, Crest, Barnes, Kline, Moots, Ducham, Bloom, Gibson, LaMay and Simon.  Home team took the field and batted in this order:  Herb O., Miller, Bess, Hawbaker, Accetta, Yaz, Boswell, Minder, G. Baker, Merritt, L. Baker, and Lopez.
First inning and both team push across 3 runs, and the second had the visitors jump out ahead with 5 runs.  Home team came back with 2 runs to make the score 8 to 5 after two innings.  The next 7 innings the pitchers Lopez and Kline took charge.  The visitors tallied 9 runs in those 7 innings and the home team was held to 2 runs.  I know I’m going to miss some of the good fielding play for both team but there were many good ones.  Barnes knocking down a liner, and snagging a couple of liner.  Hawbaker making a running shoestring catch in left center field.  Duff and Marinacci on good infield plays.

Visitors Hitters:  Scarbrough 4 for 5 with HR and Dbl., Hill 3 for 5, Crest HR and Dbl., Barnes 3 for 4, Ducham 2 for 4.

Home Hitters:  Herb O., Miller, Yaz, Merritt, and Lopez all 3 for 5, Hawbaker and Accetta had 2 for 4.

Now this snow bird is heading north to Michigan.  Hope you all have a good summer and we will be looking forward to our return in the fall.  God Bless You All.

Don LaMay

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We are men, old men, playing a kid’s game. There is nothing wrong with that, we are blessed to be able to come out and play ball. It's one of the ways we keep young. Keeping up with the youth theme, I decided to frame todays AL game, (4/12), in the cartoon genre of my childhood.
Visitors, Team Bugs Bunny: Rivera, Witmer, Doerbaum, Matta, Hamilton, Gazarek, Hicks, Crowell, Reagen and Wells.
Home, Team Daffy Duck: Rad, Gonzalez Shirer, Held, Jacobson, Pep, Parker, Zelazny, Letourneau and JD.
Team Bugs came out in the first inning and took the lead, Dave Doerbaum came out and knocked in the first two runs with a HR, to left field. "What’s up Doc?"
Team Daffy had a “suffering succotash” inning, scoring only one run, Sylvester the putty cat style. Freddy G reached base and after a throwing error, he scored. In the second inning, Team Daffy tied the game when Jacobson, Pep and Letourneau delivered hits. Team Daffy delivered a catch phrase upon tying the game at 2 runs apiece, “Of course, you realize this means war", (Daffy Duck).
After the 2nd inning, Team Daffy disappeared down the rabbit hole. Team Bugs out hit and out fielded him at every turn. Team Bugs scored runs like they were grabbing carrots out of Elmer Fudd’s garden. “Carrots are" (so fine)... "You get a dozen for a dime, It's maaaa-gic," (Bugs Bunny)!
By the 9th inning Team Bugs Bunny held a commanding 16-8 lead. Due in large part to the Pink Panther, Dave Doerbaum. In the cartoon world, The Pink Panther was a smooth operator, just like Dave’s softball swing, very smooth. Dave had 3 homeruns in the game and knocked in 8 runs.
In the bottom of the 8th inning, Team Daffy turned into the Roadrunner, while Team Bugs played the part of the Wile Coyote. The Visitors dropped balls, while the Roadrunner sped over the bases. It was like being hit with an Acme anvil. Team Daffy batted through their lineup and scored 7 runs. I’ll describe the ending of the game with a line from “Baseball Bugs”, (1946), a cartoon where Bugs takes on the “Gas-House Gorillas”.  With the tying run on base and two outs, Team Bugs closed out theWHSS game by pasting “this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermus percussion pitch", (Bugs Bunny). In other words, Josh Wells got the last batter he faced to fly out to left field. Team Bugs won the game, 16-15. "That’s All Folks!"
Team Daffy:
Rad: 4/6 with a triple.
Held: 3/5.
Jacobson: 3/5.
Letourneau: 4/5.
Team Bugs:
Rivera: 4/5.
Witmer: 3/5.
Doerbaum: 5/5 with 3 HRs and a double.
Hamilton: 3/5.
Gazarek: 3/5.
Crowell: 4/5.
Wells: 3/5.
WP: Wells.
Golden Glove Plays: Matta and Witmer.
Special thanks to Joe D'Herin for umpiring the game.

Written by Nick Matta

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Friday April 8, 2016   Field D

There is a song with a title of Things that Matter and Things that Don’t.  I don’t know the words to the song but there are things that matter and things that don’t.  Yesterday in a game with Dodgers and Giants, Dodger’s rookie pitcher getting his first major league start pitched 7 and 1/3 innings of no hit ball.  After he pitched 100 pitches he was removed from the game.  Things that Matter.

Things that Don’t.  Game played on Field D.  Two teams matched up to play today with Larry Powell managing the visitors and Jeff Simon skippering the home team.

Powell’s team had Aufiero, Mahon, D. Hill, Miller, Bloom, Fabian, Taylor, Remington, Merritt, Kline, Powell, Gibson, Bowley and S. Hill.  Simon’s team took the field with Simon, Aceetta, Scarbrough, Mohan, Boswell, Waddell, Holder, Moots, Ducham, Straight, Hawbaker, L. Baker and LaMay.

This game see-sawed back and forth for 8 innings and after 8 it was tied at 17 each.  Visitors batted all but one player in the top of the 9th and scored 9 runs to take the lead.  Home team went down 1 2 3 in the bottom of the inning.  Final score 26 to 17. 

Things that Matter.  Every player on each team had at least one hit.  Things that Don’t.  Who won the game.  Everyone went home after having a good time with good friends.  See you all Tuesday.


Don LaMay

Friday, April 8, 2016

Celebrity Chefs
Two master chefs took the field to compete against each other in the American League, on 4/8. By the time the game was over one chef had prepared a delicious feast, the other cooked up soufflĂ© of nothin’.
Visitors, Muppet’s Swedish Chef Team: Shirer, Reagan, Pepin, Jacobson, Laffoon, Zelazny, Constantine, Marino, Capozzi, JD and Wells.
Home, Team Wolfgang Puck: Gonzalez, Essenmacher, Held, Matta, Crowell, D’Herin, Hite, Vandenberg, Coffman, LeTourneau and BJ.
Both teams took the field armed with spatulas, in this case bats, and were ready to use them. The first two innings were mirror opposites for each team. The Swedish Chef Team scored 2 runs in the first and 5 runs in the second inning. Team Puck scored 5 runs in the first and 2 runs in the second inning. Things changed after the 2nd inning and as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”. After the second inning, Team Puck continued to bring the heat, while Swedish Chef team was on a low simmer. The Visitors were outscored 15-3, over the remainder of the game. One team could roast and boast, the other team had a bar of soap, fall in their pot of soup. Next week in WHSS, it might be the other way around; another team may cook up a masterpiece, while your team burns the roast. Final Score: Swedish Chef Team: 10- Wolfgang Puck Team: 22.
What do you say to someone who runs off with your nachos?
“Hey, that’s nacho cheese.”

Golden Fork Award Winners:
Shirer: 3/4 with a HR.
Reagan: 3/ 4 with a HR.
Constantine: 2/4 with a triple.

Essenmacher: 2/4 with a HR and SF.
Held: 5/5 with a double and a triple.
Matta: 3/3 with a HR, double and 2 walks.
Crowell: 2/3 with a walk and a SF.
D’Herin: 3/3 with a triple, a HR and two SFs.
Hite: 3/4 with a double.
Vandenberg: 2/3 with a triple.
Coffman: 2/3 with a double.
BJ: 3/4.
Writeup by Nick Matta

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tue. 4-5-16. Field C. - - Three team game by King's Kruisers, Lamay's Lightning and Fabian's Flames. The Kruisers started off with 3 runs in the first with back to back HRs by Mahon and King. The Lightning and Flames both answered with 4 runs. Lamay's team put up 5 in each of the 3rd and 5th and another 9 in the open 7th for a total of 23. Fabian's Flames could only muster a total of 10 more for a total of 14. King's Kruisers was held pretty much in check till the 7th when they scored 6 for a total of 12.    The Flames made quite a few good plays around 2nd base which might have made ESPN's top 10.
Schappler.       4-4
Kline.               4BB
Taylor.              3-4
Withrow.          4-5
Ducham.          3-4
Mahon.            2-3

Schaffer.           2-2
McNiven.          2-2
Thompson.       4-4
Zakrowski.        3-4
Accetta.            3-4

Grabb.              2-3
King.                 4-4 HR
Miller.                 3-4
Bess.                 3-3
Burtner.            3-4.            SEE Y'ALL FRIDAY!!!!!!

Write up by Loren Fabian