Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Commish!

That's right today was Bob Zelazny's Birthday.  We're not saying how old he is but for an old timer, he still plays a pretty good game.  

It is also Don Keller's Birthday.  We hope Don will be back in playing form this year.

Happy Birthday, Bob & Don!

We welcome back an old face, Pat Piccolo, who took several shots off his ankles before becoming today’s winning pitcher.  We also say hello to BJ (sorry I don’t have his real name) who began his playing days with Winter Haven Senior Softball with a 2 for 2 day.  I don’t know, maybe retiring with a 1.000 hitting percentage sounds good (just kidding). We also got to reacquaint ourselves with Richie’s friend, Ms. Holder.

The game hit the ground running when Bobby Reagan smacked a lead off home run. The Hit Team, managed by Juan Toro (Reagan, Constantine, Toro, Zelazny, Steve Hill, Hite, Mohan, Moots, Piccolo, Lee Baker) put up 3 more runs with 5 singles.   The Sit Team, managed by Sammy Lopez (Coffman, Dampier, Butler, DeRidder, Smith, Lopez, Duff Hill, Simon, Marino, Wells, Holder) came out just as hot.  The first five batters reached base, the big blasts, triples by Ron Butler and Terry Smith.  They ended the inning with 5 after a sacrifice fly by Sammy Lopez.  Tough acts for the Field Team, managed by Angel Farina(Bess, Laffoon, Shappler, Jacobs, Herbie O., Farina, Matta, Giordano, Thompson, Ayala, BJ) to follow. 

After the first inning, it seemed like it was going to be one of those days when each team would score 20 or more runs. But, good defense shut down several rallies.  Richie Marino’s running grab of a Nick Matta line drive.  Terry Smith’s “diving” catch that kept Dino Shappler from getting 2 RBI’s.  BJ hauling in a Bobby Reagan fly ball with bases loaded.  And no one could overlook the play of the 3 shortstops; Toro, Laffoon and Butler or the 3 middle infielders; Constantine, Farina and Lopez.  Those guys seem to snare every ground ball and line drive put into play today. 

At the end of the game the Hit Team with 14, outlasted both the Sit Team with 8 and Field Team with 12. 

Top Hitters:
  • Constantine 2 for 3, SAC
  • Steve Hill 4 for 4
  • Hite 3 for 4
  • Piccolo 3 for 4
  • Lee Baker 2 for 3, BB
  • Laffoon 3 for 4
  • Jacobs 3 for 4
  • Farina 3 for 3, 3B, SAC
  • Thompson 4 for 4, 3B
  • BJ (new player) 2 for 2
  • Coffman 3 for 4
  • Dampier 3 for 4, 2B
  • Smith 2 for 3, 2B, 3B
  • Lopez 1 for 2, SAC
  • Duff Hill 2 for 3, 2B
submitted by Bob Hite

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

John Beilman Update

BEILMAN, Jr., 71

LAKE WALES - John Peter Beilman, Jr., of Lake Wales, Florida, passed on to be with the Lord on September 13, 2014. 

He is survived by his beloved wife of 50 years, Sandra Kay Beilman, his two sons: John Peter Beilman, III, and his wife Bunny, and Daniel David Beilman and his wife Jennifer, and his seven grandchildren: John Peter, IV, Emily, Charlotte, John Worthy, William, Calvin and Christian. 

John will long be remembered by his family and his many friends for his kindness, his generosity, his boundless optimism, his love for his sons, and his trust in God. He had a passion for working hard in his jobs as a Naval airman, an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an orange grove owner. He was eager to share his enthusiasm for hunting, fishing, camping, and softball, and he leaves behind a legacy in Annapolis, Maryland, of mentoring dozens of boys and young men through Christian Service Brigade.

The memorial celebration for John will be held on September 20, 2014, 2:00 p.m. at Cypress Ridge Church, 6230 Cypress Ridge Boulevard, Winter Haven, Florida, 33884. In lieu of sending flowers, the family requests that John's friends make a donation to Good Shepherd Hospice, 1110 Hammock Road, Sebring, Florida 33870.

Published in Ledger from Sept. 16 to Sept. 17, 2014 forwarded by Russ Winner

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Little TV History

I thought it would be fun to incorporate a little TV nostalgia when naming the teams today. When I looked at the teams performances, I linked them with TV shows from yesteryear. First, let’s take a quick look back on the early evolution of television in the United States. Here are some important dates in television history.
1928: On September 11, 1928, W2XB (video) and WGY (audio) broadcast American first television drama, a 40 minute one-act melodrama titled "The Queen's Messenger." Because the TV screens were small, only the actor's face or hands were shown. Three cameras were used, two for the actors faces and a third for the actors hands or stage props. The play had only two characters. A female Russian spy and a British Diplomatic Courier. Four actors were used. Two for the character's faces and two for their hands.
 1939: President Franklin Roosevelt's opening of the 1939 New York World's Fair is broadcast live from NBC's experimental station -- W2XBS -- in New York City. In 1939 W2XBS was on the air 4 hours a day (2:30-4:30 and 8:30-10:30pm EST), 5 days a week, Wednesday through Sunday.
 1941: In July, both NBC (WNBT on channel 1) and CBS (WCBW on channel 2) come on the air with a commercial station, in New York City. Both stations still exist. They are now WNBC (Channel 4) and WCBS (Channel 2). Further development is halted by World War II.
 1948: Four television networks, (NBC, CBS, ABC, and DuMont), broadcasting over 128 stations, begin a full prime-time schedule (8 to 11pm, Eastern Time), seven days a week.
In the early days of television news, a reporter covered the birth of Richie Marino and warned that there would be troubling days ahead..... true story.
The Hitting team’s cast of characters: Dampier, T. Smith, Denny, Duff, Giordano, Hite, Simon, Moots, Ayala, Witter and L. Baker. (Welcome back Jerry Witter). This team gets the Lost In Space, TV show, label. They were solid on offense, but on defense it was: “warning, warning, alien approaching”, when a ball was hit to the fielders. There were a few misplayed ground balls and a pop fly that was lost in space, when it fell between two fielders. Although the space team had their share of trouble in the field, they did, however, have a star cruiser, in Chuck Duff. Chuck made a great catch on a ball hit in the center field gap, by Miguel Gonzalez (Sitting team).  Richie Moots, also crossed the sea of space, to haul in a sinking line drive, hit by Jimmy Laffoon, (Sitting team), good catch, Richie. Lost in Space, (1965 – 1968), was a science-fiction television series that followed the adventures of the Robinson family as they try to find their way back to Earth after a disastrous accident.
The Sitting team stared today in the hit TV series, Bonanza. This television western series started as an NBC show, it ran from September 12, 1959, to January 16, 1973. Lasting 14 seasons and 430 episodes, it ranks as the second longest running western series (behind Gunsmoke), and within the top 10 longest running, live-action American series. The show centers on the Cartwright family, who live in the area of Virginia City, Nevada, bordering Lake Tahoe. The list of characters: Coffman, Laffoon, M. Gonzalez, Finnegen, Butler, Lopez, Marino. Bess, Mohan, Merritt, G. Baker, and Matta.
 The title, "Bonanza", is a term used by miners in regard to a large vein or deposit of silver ore. The Sitting team hit the “mother lode” as they dug deep with their bats. They only had one dry inning, the second inning, in every other shift in the mine they struck silver. “Hoss” Finnegen, was 3/3, with a double and a triple. “Adam Cartwright” Laffoon, had a HR when he hit a sinking liner into the corner in right field, just inside the line. “Pa Cartwright” Butler had a triple that was the key hit in a big 4 run inning in the sixth. “Little Joe” Marino had one of the best defensive plays of the day, when he caught a sinking line drive, hit to right field.
 The Fielding team reminded me of the hit TV series, “Leave It To Beaver”. The series was centered on an all American family, living in Ohio, the Cleavers. There was never any situation that was too earth shattering, that came along for the Cleaver family. Whenever trouble did occur, Ward, (the father), or June, (the mother) would see to it that the proper advice was given and the proper steps were taken, to set the situation right. The series ran from 1957-1963, 234 episodes. The WHSS, Leave It To Beaver team starred: Reagen, Witmer, Toro, Deridder, King, Schappler, S. Hill, Thompson, D. Hill and Barnes. (I will let you, the reader, decide who plays Wally, the Beaver, June, Ward  Eddie Haskell and Lumpy). This team was steady, but never did anything too exciting on offense, or defense, to earn the win. Reminiscent of a scene from the show, depicted in the dialogue below, this team will have to wait for another game, to start over with a clean slate.
"Leave It to Beaver: Substitute Father (#4.39)" (1961)
Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver: [at the bottom of the staircase, calling out to his mother upstairs] Hey, Mom!
June Cleaver: Yes, Wally.
Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver: Could Eddie spend the night here?
June Cleaver: Not while your father's away.
Edward 'Eddie' Haskell: [dejected] Boy. Everybody around here is wise to me. I might just have to move to a new town and start all over.
 Final Score: Lost In Space: 12- Bonanza: 17- Leave It To Beaver: 10
Life is good on the Ponderosa.
Leading Hitters.
  Hitting team:
  •  T. Smith  4/ 4.
  •  Denny  3 / 4.
  •  Giordano 2 / 4, with a triple and a HR.

 Sitting team:
  • Laffoon: 3 / 5 with a HR.
  • Finnegen: 3/3 with a double, triple and a walk.
  • Lopez: 4 /4.
  • Matta 2/3 and a walk.

Fielding team:
  •  Witmer: 3/4 with a HR.
  •  DeRidder: 3/ 4.
  •  King 3/ 4.

  WP: Finnegen in relief  of  Matta  (closed by Lafoon)

submitted by Nick Matta

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sad News

It is with great sadness that we must announce that John Beilman passed away today.
We all share in the sadness over the loss of our friend and teammate. John played softball with us in Winter Haven and Lakeland.   Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with his family. 

Memorial services will be held This Sat. Sept 20th at Crypress Ridge Church 6230 Crypress Blvd. which is just West of Legoland. - Ron Thompson 

submitted by Ron Thompson photos from Fred Dampier

Friday, September 12, 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser

Life can be a curious thing; life can take some unusual twists and bends. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but when I look at the news I seem to always find a story that amazes me.
In the news today, a New York property developer is offering the uber-wealthy the opportunity to buy a condo parking spot for a cool $1 million - merely six times the value of a typical American home. The 10 parking spaces are for sale at 42 Crosby Street, the luxury apartment building under construction in the SoHo neighborhood, in Lower Manhattan. Based on the $1 million price tag, the spots are probably the most expensive residential car spaces in the country.
 A manatee called, “Little Joe”, now has a home at Disney. Joe was rescued in 1989 along the Halifax River, near Daytona. Kept in captivity, Lil Joe would be bottle-fed by President George H.W. Bush at Sea World in Orlando and sent to wow audiences in San Diego, Cincinnati and Tampa. After being released again into the wild, it was determined that the 1,900 pound, 10 and a half foot long sea cow could not survive on his own. He now makes Epcot his home.
A groom narrowly avoided death on top of a cliff after an apparent stumble. The happy couple almost experienced “until death do us part”, way too soon. As the couple took their vows at the top of a precipice, the groom slipped and almost fell. His bride quickly grabbed his arm and saved him from falling over the side of the mountain.
Softball games can be like a microcosm of life, full of twists and turns and unexpected story lines. Just like life, softball can be curious thing. Just look at today’s WHSS action; first let’s start with the teams.
The Hitting team had these players: S. Hill, Laffoon, Zelazny, Edwards, Giordano, Reagan, Mohan, Moots, Thompson, G. Baker and Ayala. We will call this team the SoHo Millionaires, because they had a million dollar line-up and parked quite a few hits in the outfield.
The Sitting team gets the “Little Joe, the Manatee” moniker, mainly, because one of our players works at Epcot, also, because our bats rescued us in today’s game. This team had the following players: Gonzalez, Farinas, Witmer, Denny, Coffman, Hite, Marino, Matta, Simon and L. Baker. (Bob Hite is our Epcot rep).
The Bride and Groom team was the Fielding team. Their bats must have been on a  honeymoon, because they were not used in the game today. This team’s batting average fell off the cliff, there was no saving them in today’s game. The Fielding team consisted of Dampier, Chrest, Constantine, Jacobs, Butler, Herb O, D. Hill, Wells, Bess and Merritt.
Here are the funny twists and story lines from today’s game.
Ron Thompson started off the game pitching a no hitter for the first two innings, (for the Hitting team). He mowed down six, of the first seven batters, he faced. Ron struck out two batters and allowed a walk, in the first two frames. He did not win the game though, as the Sitting team’s bats came to life, late in the game.
Here is another bizarre story concerning today’s game. With the bases loaded in the 6th inning, Jimmy Laffoon hit a sharp ground ball to first, where Greg Denny was positioned for the Fielding team. (Greg was a substitute first baseman). Greg cleanly fielded the ball and tagged out Jimmy, at first base. The force play was now off.  Ron Thompson was the base runner on third base trying to score, since he was no longer forced, Ron tried returning to third, after coming very close to the home plate commitment line. However, there was another base runner who had already advanced to third. The catcher tried making a play at third base, but the ball was thrown into left field and Ron scampered home safe.
Rich Marino was involved in the longest hit of the day. Rich hit a ball to deep right, however, Rich was thrown out at home, trying for an inside the park home run. Rich also had the shortest hit of the day, tipping the ball off his bat just a few feet in front of the plate and running it out for a single.
We had a few star fielding plays to jazz up our game today. Bob Hite, (Sitting team), made a pair of nice catches, while battling the wind in left center field.
Don Witmer, (Sitting team), caught a sinking line drive at shortstop.
Lee Baker, (Sitting team) caught a towering pop foul behind the plate.
Freddy Gonzalez had the hardest hit ball all day, only it did not fall in for a hit. Freddy hit a screaming line drive to deep left field where Bobby Reagan made a nice grab for the out.
As for the scoring, the Sitting team won a close game when they came from behind and scored 5 runs, in both the 5th and 6th innings. Batting at the bottom of the line-up, Simon and Matta went a combined 8/8 to help lead the charge.
That's senior softball for you.
Final score: Hitting team 10- Sitting team 13- Fielding team 3.
 WP: Matta

Leading Hitters:
Hitting team:
  • S. Hill: 3 / 4.
  • Laffoon: 3/ 4.
  • Zelazny: 3 / 4.
  • Moots: 2/ 3 and a walk.
  • Thompson: 3/ 4.
  • G. Baker: 2 / 3.

Sitting team:
  • Gonzalez: 2/3 and a SF.
  • Denny: 3 / 4.
  • Coffman: 2 / 2 and two walks.
  • Matta: 4 / 4.
  • Simon: 4/ 4.

Fielding team:
  • Chrest: 3 / 4.
  • Constantine: 3 / 4.
  • Bess: 1/ 2 and a walk.
submitted by Nick Matta

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rules of the Game

In this past weekend's tournament, there were several instances where in my opinion, the umpires failed to make the correct call. The following discusses one such instance. 

The situation was as follows; with runners on 1st and 2nd base and one out, a line drive was hit right at the middle infielder who then dropped the ball (should have been an easy out), picked it up and then tossed to the shortstop at second, forcing the runner from first, and completing the double play by throwing to first to get the batter out.  All of the base runners had stopped when they saw the easy liner hit right at the middle infielder.  

I questioned the umpire and asked for an appeal but to no avail. The umps awarded the double play.  In my opinion, it should have been treated as an intentionally dropped ball, a call we saw made in a MLB video posted here recently.  I checked the ISA rule book and found the following excerpts. 

FLY BALL- A fly ball is any fair or foul ball batted into the air. 

LINE DRIVE- A line drive is a fly ball that is batted sharply and directly into the playing field. 

INTENTIONALLY DROPPED FLY BALL – A batted ball that is intentionally dropped, whether it be touched or untouched, for the purpose of deceiving the base runners.

Rule 10: Section 3 - The ball is dead and not in play 
A. When no pitch is declared.  

B. When a base runner is called out for leaving a base too soon on a pitched ball. 
C. When an illegal pitcher’s action is declared. 
D. When, in SP play, a batter swings at a pitched ball and fails to make contact. 
E. When a pitched ball touches any part of a batter’s person or clothing. 
F. When a batter bats illegally or hits with an illegal bat. 
G. When, in SP play, a batter bunts or intentionally chops downward on the ball. 
H. When the batter-runner is hit by the batted ball while outside of the batter’s box. 
I. When a foul ball is not caught on the fly. 
J. When a batter steps completely across the plate while the pitcher is in the pitching position. 
K. Intentionally dropped fair fly ball or line drive by an infielder. 
L- X deleted

Section 9; The batter is out: 
A. When the 3rd
 strike is struck at, missed and touches any part of the 
batter’s person. 
B. When a batter appears in the batter’s box with or is discovered 
using an altered or an illegal bat. The batter is also ejected from the 
game for using an altered bat. See Rule 2, Section 2, for penalty. 
C. When a fly ball is legally caught. 
D. Immediately when they hit an infield fly and the umpire has 
declared “Infield Fly”. 
E. If a fielder intentionally drops or lets drop a fair fly ball, including a line drive, which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort with;
1st, 1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd, or 1st, 2nd, & 3rd  bases occupied with less than 2 outs. 

EFFECT: The ball is dead, the batter is out and base runners must 
return to the last base touched at the time of the pitch. This does not 
apply to an infield fly, the dropped ball remains alive on an infield fly. 
NOTE: A trapped ball shall not be considered as having been 
intentionally dropped.

I think I was right assuming a 65+ player could think that quick.

submitted by Ron Butler

Birthday Week

This writer was having trouble thinking of something funny or inspiring to say today, so I thought I would tell you something that inspires me every Tuesday and Friday.  This weekend the Yankees threw a party for one of the best players of the game of baseball, Derek Jeter.  A thought occurred to me: we all are like Jeter.  Not the money thing, that would be nice but twice a week we come to Diamond Plex because we love to play softball.  Every guy out there is could stay in bed a couple hours longer, play golf or do a few chores around the house.  But, something keeps them coming out and that inspires me and makes this writer want to be there every day possible.   Thanks guys!

Also this week a couple of players passed the next milestone and recorded another birthday.  Happy Birthday to Lee Baker, Bob Hite and Frank Miller.

To the game:  the Hit team, managed by Freddy Gonzalez(Gonzalez, Butler, Laffoon, Zelazny, Giordano, Herbie O, Schapler, Duff Hill, Wells, Mohan, Bowley and Lee Baker) came out of the gate fast.  Gonzalez started the game with a triple, scored easily on a sharp single by Bulter who then moved to third on a Laffoon hit.  Bulter then scored on a fielder’s choice.  The Sit team, managed by Bob Hite (Damplier, Rivera, Witmer, Steve Hill, Hite, Matta, King, Chrest, Ayala, Simon, Moots, Merritt, Gene Baker) was almost as quick out of the gate, getting a Home Run from Rivera, then three more singles to score their second run of the inning.  But the hottest team was the Field team, managed by Juan Toro (Coffman, Denny, Toro, Jacobs, Gonzalez, Reagan, Thompson, Marino, Barnes, Bess, Strait, Constantine).  They got Home Runs from Coffman and Denny before 2 doubles from Toro and Jacobs before an out was recorded.  At the end of the first the score was 2 to 2 to 4.

No team could sustain the momentum; the Hit team relied on the bats of Gonzalez, Butler, and Laffoon to take the lead in the 7th.  The Sit team, mounted a comeback in the 7th but it was too little and too late to be a real factor.  The Field team came to bat trailing by 2 in the last of the 7th.  After a quick out Denny, Toro and Jacobs all singled to plate one run.  With the tying run on second, and the winning run on first up steps Angel Gonzalez.  He hit a ball to the left field warning track that everyone knew that even if the ball had been caught that the runner on second was going score.  As a result the final score was 13 to 6 to 15. 

Top Hitters:
Gonzalez 3 for 4, 3B, 2B
Butler 4 for 4, 3B, 2 2B
Laffoon 4 for 4, 2 2B
Zelazny 3 for 4, 2 2B
Rivera 3 for 3, HR
King 3 for 3, 2B
Chrest 3 for 3
Jacobs 3 for 4, 2 2B
Reagan 2 for 3
Thompson 2 for 3
Bess 2 for 3

submitted by Bob Hite

Friday, September 5, 2014

Best Game Ever Played?

With a tournament this weekend and heavy rains last night, one would not have expected a big crowd today. As it was, twenty-three players came out and we had what many at the park said was the best "non tournament " game they have ever participated in. Just a couple of facts that would support that claim. The game lasted ten innings and was completed in one hour and fifteen minutes, there was only one error made on both teams, each team's catcher had a put out, runners were thrown out from the outfield going both to home and third, only one batter failed to reach base, and only nine runs were scored. But it was the finish that really brought the game to the next level.

The visiting team was managed by Bob Zelazny. He had a great supporting cast made up of Herbie O, Chrest, Scarbrough, Edwards, Witmer, Butler, Zelazny, Farinas, Thompson, Moots, and Aayla. They scored two runs in the first inning and two again in the fourth. That was it until the tenth inning.

The home team was managed by Sam Lopez. His team roster included Coffman, Alumbaugh, Denny, Toro, Dampier, Laffoon, Lopez, Marino, Merritt, Bess, Wells, and Baker. They managed one run in the second and third inning and had their biggest run production in the fifth when they scored twice. For those doing the math, that means that between the two teams there were thirteen goose eggs on the board at the end of nine innings.

With the score knotted at four apiece, Zelazny's team had the bottom of the line up due to bat. A single by Farinas, a fielders choice by Thompson, and singles by Moots and Ayala gave them the lead. The inning came to a quick and unexpected end as Moots was thrown out at home from the outfield to end the inning with the top of the lineup due to hit. Sam's team only needed one run to tie and two to win. They started strong as Laffon singled and Lopez followed with a double. The pinch runner for Jimmy unfortunately was thrown out going to third. Marino walked to put two on. With the next batter grounding out and Bess taking a walk, situation was that Sam was trailing by one run with two outs and the bases loaded. The next batter made good contact and drove the ball into the outfield where Roger Edwards found himself in perfect place to make the catch. Final score was Team Zelazny 5 and Team Lopez 4. Winning pitcher was Ron Thompson.

Key performances

Sam Lopez    3 for 4
Vassuri Bess    3 for 4

Donnie Witmer    3 for 4
Angel Farinas    3 for 4
Ron Thompson    3 for 4 and winning pitcher
Sergio Ayala        3 for 4

submitted by Bob Zelazny

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Starting to See Snowbird Plates Around Town

Summer is over, but the boys of summer continue to come out and play. Today we had 37 players so should have had four teams by our rules, but due to some late sign ins we played a three team game. With the exception of limiting at bats it probably was for the best with the heat index. I guess the issue of "lack of at bats" could have been negated if any of the teams had actually hit the ball with any regularity.
The hit team wad managed by Steve Hill. His team consisted of Dampier, Hill, Toro, Jacobs, Butler, Reagan, Hill D, Wells, Moots, Bowley (back after a long absence), Ayala, and L Baker. Freddie D led off with a home run and Steve was thinking victory. Unfortunately that was the only run they managed to score in the first three innings.
Jeff Simon (back from surgery) led the sitting team of Alumbaugh, Schapler, Lopez, Giordano, scarbrough, Coffman, Zelazny, Thompson, Simon, Chrest, Merritt, Mohan, and G Baker. Despite the powerhouse lineup, they were unable to get a single run across the plate in the first three innings. Thank goodness the game is seven innings.
Meanwhile, the Russ King led team did not have any problem putting numbers on the board during this same period. Herbie O, Laffoon, Duff, DeRidde, Hite, Marino, Barnes,  King, Grabb, Gonzalez M., Barnes, Bess, and Gibson scored five in the first, three in the second, and one in the third. Everyone on the team had at least one hit during this stretch.
The fourth saw a change in that the hitting team pushed across three runs as Ron Butler started the rally. Jeff's team responded with six runs aided by Zelazny's home run to finally get on the board. The sitting team, bolstered by their run output went out and played solid defense and shut out Kings team. At the end of four the score was Hitting Team 4, Sitting Team 6, and Fielding Team 8.
In the fifth, Dampier's triple resulted in the only run scored for Steve's team. Jeff's team responded with two to continue to close the gap with King's team as they managed a lone run. In the sixth inning Frank Jacobs started a rally that resulted in three of the first four batters reaching base and scoring. Unfortunately the rally fell apart and the inning ended with the bases loaded. The sitting team started strong as well with two of first three batters scoring. Then with two men on base the inning came to a quick end. So with both teams within two runs of King's team, they established that they were the team to beat by scoring three runs and building a good cushion.
The seventh opened with it still anyone's game Unfortunately neither Steve Hill's or Jeff Simon's teams were able to score and the game was quickly over. Final Score was Hitting Team 8, Sitting Team 10, and Fielding Team 13. Winning pitcher was M Gonzalez.
Key Performances
Fred Dampier    3 for 4 with home run and a triple
Frank Jacobs    3 for 3
Ron Butler    3 for 3
Duff Hill     3 for 3
Josh Wells     3 for 3
Bret Alumbaugh    3 for 4
Kirk Coffman    3 for 3
Jim Laffoon     3 for 4
Chuck Duff    4 for 4
Migel Gonzalez    3 for 3

submitted by Bob Zelazny