Sunday, September 25, 2016

Friday September 23th.

National league final score was King and his court 16 and Fabian's Flyers 15. The temperature was just about as hot as the score. Had bathroom break delays and players having to bat out of turn, but the game was exciting to watch. The Court was up 16-11 with the Flyers coming to bat in the bottom of the open inning. They made it 16-13 and had the bases loaded with one out, then a big K, then Ron Thompson smacks a double to score another 2. But then a game ending K for the final score  

Hitters were Hite 3-4, Hampton 3-4, King 5-5 w/HR, Acetta 5-5 and Lee Baker 2-3. 
Other hitters were Boswell 4-4, Laffoon 3-5, Morton 4-5 and Thompson 4-5   

WP was Pat Lopiccolo. 
Fans in the stands were Pat Merritt, Sally Strait and Melanie Hite  

See y'all Tuesday

TUESDAY, SEPT 20, 2016
I heard the American League game was a lopsided 12-4 game. The visiting team got lucky. The National League was much closer and quite hot. Only went 7 innings and King and his court beat Fabian's Flyers (or freaks as King called us) with the score being 10-8. Great game. 
Fans in the stands were Jack and Diana and Sally Strait and Nancy Frazier. 
We welcomed Frank Jacobs back from his absence and he had several good catches in left field and was 2 for 3. Ron Thompson was the winning pitcher. Chrest was THE leading hitter going 4 for 4. 

See y'all Friday. 

Write up by Loren Fabian

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey guys,

Donnie won't be playing for the next several weeks, so if you have any questions contact Bob Hite 443-745-1090.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday, September 16th
Cripes, September is half over. Come on down snowbirds. Great National league game. Final was Simon's Smashers 12 and Fabian's Flyers 11. Back and forth all morning. I've never seen Steve Hill take 3 walks in one game but he did today. Marino was 3-4, Lopez was 3-4, Laffoon was 3-4 and the winning pitcher Lopiccolo was 3-4. Simon was 2-4 as was Strait and Schapler was 4-4. Sam Lopez had 2 backhanded stabs at 3B as Jimmy Laffoon did at SS. Johnny Merritt played RF for both teams when Duff had to play 3B for the Flyers and nothing got by him for either team. 


For the Flyers, Grabb was 3-4, D.Hill was 3-4, King was 2-4, Hampton was 3-3 and 1 BB, Barnes was 2-3 and Fabian was 2-4. Duff Hill had to do double duty at 3B and RF as the Flyers only had 10 players and no one tried to run on that rocket arm. Russ King had some great catches at short going towards LF and Dudley had a fine catch behind the plate of a foul ball. Reggie Barnes had many pop ups and liners at 2B and made them all. 

Fans in the stands were Pat Merritt and Sally Strait. Keep them books straight Sally.

See y'all Tuesday players and fans. 

The American League game was not quite as close at the National League game. The Final score was 12-8 with the home team winning the game. Larry Wells was the winning pitcher. 

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Al Guzzo, (Goose), is looking for a place to rent so that he can come down and play winter ball, at Winter Haven, this January. If you have a room to rent, or know of a winter rental, please contact Don Witmer, or Nick Matta. We will pass on the information to Al, so he can contact you. He is looking for a place to rent from January through March.

 Tuesday, Sept. 13th.


 What a National League slugfest today. There was a total of 27 runs scored in the first 3 innings but we still decided to go 9 innings. Final score was Capozzi's Crusaders 28 and Simon's Smashers 14. With 42 runs being scored and a flip flop at the end, there was a lot of time consumed. If I were to highlight the hitters, the books show the Smasher's were 29-57 and the Crusaders were 39-49. Now we know if the books were kept according to MLB rules some of those hits would be errors or fielders choice. At my age my memory is not good enough to remember every play and pitch. So I will highlight what I do remember. For the Smashers, Simon was 3-5, King was 4-5, Lopez was 4-5, Dudley was 4-5 with his new bat. Almost everyone for the Crusaders had 3 to 5 hits (ACCORDING TO THE BOOKS). But outfield defense for the Crusaders was the name of the game. The infield had very few plays (and booted some of them) but the outfield was on target all morning. Bob Vandenburg caught everything hit at him in RF as Steve Hill did in LF and Ralph Bozwell, moving from 3B to LCF made 3 lightning speed catches on the run. And newcomer Ron Hampton (WELCOME RON) held his own while never having a fly ball hit at him, he kept everything in front of him and was 3-5 at the plate with RBI's. 
WP.       Ron Thompson 
Save.    Willie Morton

Many fans in the stands. I couldn't even get all last names. Did the best I could. 
           Heather, Lynn, Judy, Diane, Jack (friends of Larry Strait). Pat Merritt, Nancy Frazier and Sally Strait. 

Come on out fans and get down here snowbirds so we can get THREE games going. 

The American League game on field B wasn't near as exciting as the National League game on Field C and we did not have any Fans cheering us on. I don't remember the score but the Home Team won and there was a Flip Flop involved. Ron Pepin entertained us at the beginning of the game with one of his displays of fine sportsmanship. Can't say what it was but it sure was funny.

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Friday, September 9th.
In the National League game, the Final Score was King and his court Kruisers 16 and Simon's Smashers 5. Leading hitters were Herb O 3-4, Acetta 3-4, Thompson 3-3, Powell 2-3, Gibson 2-4 for the Smashers. For the Kruisers it was Crest 3-4 w/HR, King 4-4, Crowell 3-5, Fabian 2-3, and Lee Baker 2-3. 

Larry Crest made 4 fantastic catches in left field of sinking line drives and got a DP on one cuz the runner didn't think he'd get to it.

WP.  Pat Lopiccolo     Save. Walt Leggett

Fans in the stands.       Pat Merritt and Sally Strait. 

There was no write up for the American League because the commissioner was playing softball in Dalton, Ga.

Write up by Loren Fabian

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday September 6th.

No games today. Fields are not playable. See you Friday.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday September 2, 2016

No games today. See you Tuesday.
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The National League game started out to be a blow out when Simon's Smashers started with 5 runs in the first two innings but the score actually ended up Smashers 19 and Fabian's Flyers 15. Neither book was kept real accurately other than the score so I can't really tell who the big hitters were other than Larry Strait because he told me he was 4-5. That's the best I can do today. Again, there were no "FANTASTIC" plays on defense but the Flyers did make several miscues on defense and had to score 7 runs in the last 2 innings to make the game as close as it was. We had a lot of fun and the weather was quite comfortable again. Come on down snowbirds. 
Fans in the stands.  Pat Merritt and Sally Strait. Welcome back Larry and Sally. 

The American League game continues to be a pitching duel between BJ Kallister and Larry Wells. What a great game these guys continue to have. BJ came out on top today when the visiting team scored four runs in the top of the 9th inning to take a 11 to 8 lead over the home team. The home team was in a position to catch up in the bottom of the ninth with the top of the lineup coming up to bat. After putting two runners on base, the home team could not manage to get a key hit to score the runs needed to win the game. 

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer.