Friday, March 24, 2017

Tuesday March 21, 2017 National League game on Field D

First of all I would like to thank all the players in the WHSS League for the shirts that will be used in Michigan this summer with a new 75+ softball league.  We will send pictures of the teams during the summer.

Next I would like to add a voice of confidence to the Board of Directors at the WHSS for a job well done.  Also to all who write the articles for the Web Page, some of those articles are worthy of print in the local newspapers, we snowbirds will enjoy reading them all summer.  With Mr. Fabian on the board and better score keeping it will make good reading this summer. 

Now too the game.  Fabian and Black took charge of the visitors. With good leadership they put the team in this order: Black, Knox, Accetta, D. Hill, Kriger, Thompson, Moots, Altemose, Navarro, Bloom, L. Baker, and Fabian to bat.  Don’t know who made the home team line up as we batted in the order that was on the line up board from the leagues board members.  Then everyone took the field and we had our defense in order.  Black came to bat with a black bat and lined a single over shortstop.  Next three went down in order.  No runs. 

The Manage-less team came to bat with Hawbaker leading off followed by Lopez, Learn, Hite (The Bob) Bess, LaMay, Kline, Ducham, Castilleja, Merritt, and Mortan.  Singles by Lopez, Learn and Hite produced one run for the home team.  Very little scoring in the next four innings.  After 5 the score was Visitors 3 Home 6. 

In the sixth the visitors added another run but the home guys rallied to take a good lead by adding 5 of their own. In the 8th inning the visitors added 4 more to their total and make a game of it while limiting the home guys to only 2 runs.  After eight the score was visitors 9 home team 14.

 The 9th saw the bats come alive for the visitors who added 8 runs while holding the home to 2 runs.  Ahead now with only 3 outs to go was the visitors.  Bottom of the ninth Bess leads with a single, runner for LaMay reaches base, after one out Ducham lines one to right center, after another out, Merritt bats in a run and goes to second on a throw to the plate.  Now with runners on 2nd and 3rd and two outs Morton comes to the plate and put some salt on the ball and lines it to right field scoring the runner from third and Merritt going full speed also scored from second, the winning run.  Final score Visitors 17 Home Team 18.  Players of the game were Merritt and Morton. 

Submitted by Don LaMay

Thursday, March 23, 2017

There will be no games in Winter Haven tomorrow, Friday March 24th. There is a SSUSA National Tournament at the Diamondplex. See you Tuesday.

Don Witmer, Commissioner

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

April 12th is the date for the League Golf Tournament. Cost is $35 and it includes green fees, prizes, and food.The match will be played at Lake Ashton Golf Club. You can sign up as a foursome or by yourself and we will put you with a group. You need not be a member of the WH Senior Softball league to play. Being a good golfer (or even a golfer) is also not a requirement.  As in past years we will be playing a scramble form. Just come for the fun. Sign up sheet will be located at the sign in table through the end of the month

Sunday, March 19, 2017

First pick up game 2017
Having completed the league play on Tuesday, the boys from Hamiltons Tigers and JD's KFC, with additions, played a very entertaining game on Friday.  Hamiltons guys put up 12 runs the first 3 innings while JD's guys tallied 5 making the score 12-5 Tigers.  Plenty of hits and lots of good plays. Next 4 innings JD's team loosened up and put 10 big ones on the board but the Tigers matched KFC's 10 with 10 of their own.  We only played 7 innings because lunch was ready and the final score was 22-15 Tigers.  There were many hitting highlites led by inside the park homeruns from Torok, Guzzo, Keller, and Crowell.  Would like to congratulate Elmer Black's Nationals and Tom Hamilton's Tigers for winning their respective leagues, well done guys.  Have a great and safe summer.
Torok 3-3
Ford  3-4
LePinnet 2-4
Jacobson 2-3
Steir 3-3
Guzman 3-3
Gazarek 2-3
DeRidder 2-3
Guzzo 1-3
Denny 2-3
Hamilton 2-3
Zelazny 3-3
Book 1-3
Vanderhyde 1-3
Rivera 1-4
Keller 2-3
Shipley 1-3
Seguin 2-3
Carpenter 1-3
Wiltshire 1-3
Busch 3-3
Pepin 2-3
Vanderberg 1-3
JD 2-3
Coffman 2-3
Crowell 2-3
Write up by Joe D'Herin
Well, here we go, another summer season between league play. Congrats to Tommy Hamilton and Elmer Black for winning their divisions. GREAT LEAGUE SEASON.  As Don Witmer said, it came down to the last game in both leagues. 
As we go into the OFF SEASON I am going to harp about the scorekeeping all spring, summer and fall until better books are kept. It's very hard to do a decent write up and recognize all that need to be if one can't realize how they got on base. I do enjoy doing these write ups, especially when the snowbirds are gone as I loved reading about the games when I was a snowbird. I AIN'T NO MORE. 
NOW, ON TO THE GAME.  Larry Strait (rookie mgr. this year and did very well and earned the respect of his teammates) vs Fabian's Flyers. 
It ended in a 12-12 tie. ( yes, I just kissed my sister yesterday). Larry's team jumped out to a 7-0 lead and Fabe's team didn't get going till the 5th inning and did end up tying it by the time the food arrived. 
S. Hill.          2b and HR
Strait.           2-3
Morton.        2-3
Remington.  2-3
Andrews.      2-4
Knox.           3 BB and 3 runs
Dampier.       3-4
LaPointe.      2-4 w/2 HRs. On the 2nd one, his shoe lace came untied between 3rd and home, he 
                         Tripped on it, but still got up to score the tying run. 
                           Acetta.          2-2/w 2 BB
Bowley.         2/BB
J. McPartlan.  Infield single. 
See y'all Tuesday
Write up by Loren Fabian. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Starting tomorrow, will begin making up the teams based on who shows up. Please sign in at the desk. We will have a league meeting prior to the games. We will announce the results of the election and give the two first place teams their awards. The End of Season party is tomorrow and will take place after the games. The party is a family event so please bring your family. The food is scheduled to arrive at 11:15 AM and the board of directors will be serving the food shortly thereafter.


Don Witmer, Commissioner  

Tuesday, March 14th,

The Demolition Team.
This last day of the regular season, 3/14, we played two, 5 inning, explosive games, between the Yankees, (Toro) and the A’s, (Matta). The A’s took on the persona of their sponsor, (River City Demolition). Since the last of January, we had only lost one game. We demolished the schedule in February and March, like Chuck Norris demolishes his foes.  This two-game write-up will contain a tribute to the ultimate demolition guy, Chuck Norris; producer, entrepreneur, Air-Force Vet and actor. 
We needed to do the impossible, kill 3 birds with one stone.  Only Chuck Norris can do that, in fact, Chuck Norris can kill three stones with one bird.  The A’s needed to win the last two games to possibly force a playoff with the Tigers. The championship would also depend on the outcome of Tigers- KFC game, being played on Field E. We needed the Tigers to lose.
Chuck Norris was born in March (3/10) in 1940. When he was born, the doctor did not slap him, instead Chuck Norris slapped the doctor.
The Demolition A’s slapped the ball around the field, in the first two innings of game 1, we took a 10-2 early lead.  Jeff Stier and Bobby Reagen punctuated the innings, they pulverized the ball and hit homeruns.
Chuck Norris is so tough, he washes his eyes out with sawdust.
The Yankees mush have had sawdust in their eyes for most of game 1. By the 5th and last inning, they were down 16-5.  Meanwhile, A’s players; Shirer and Reagan, were doing their best Chuck Norris impersonation by exploding on the ball and hitting triples. Guzman and Goose both smashed doubles to aid in the scoring. While the big Frenchman, Glen LePinnot, was the wrecking ball. Glen annihilated the ball, hitting it over the left field fence.
To feel safe at night, Superman wears Chuck Norris Pajamas. 
The Yankees had no superman outfits, or Chuck Norris pajamas, to wear. The Yankees bats were cold in game 1 and never heated up, only Chuck Norris can make a fire by rubbing 2 ice cubes together. The Yanks went down quietly in the last inning and turned their attention to game 2.  Final Score: Yankees: 5-A’s: 16.
The Yankees were in it, to win it. Chuck Norris can make a Happy Meal cry. The Yankees wanted to take away our happy meal and make us cry. Toro’s squad took an early 5-3 lead over the A’s, in the first inning. The efforts by Rivera, Johnny O, Doerbaum, Vanderhyde, Toro and Crowell all factored into the 5-run outburst.
Once a cobra bit Chuck Norris' leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.
Like Chuck Norris, the A’s had been bit by a cobra. We had to fight back. The Demolition A’s bull dozed right over the cobra, during the next two innings, scoring 5 runs in both the 2nd and the 3rd. Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding. While Waldo was hiding, the A’s found their bats. Book, Carpenter, Reagen, Matta, Goose, Shier and Guzman put the bats to work in the 2nd.  Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, but Jack still couldn't dodge Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick. In the 3rd, Quinones, LePinnet, Wiltshire, Book, Carp, Reagen and Matta all had roundhouse kicks that made a difference.
The 3rd inning was productive for the Yankees, as well. Chuck Norris is so smart, he knows Victoria's secret and Don Held still knows how to hit homeruns. Held smashed a 3-run dinger, over the right field fence, to keep the Yankees in the game. After 3 innings, the score was A’s: 13-Yankees: 8.
Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his gun. The Yankees loaded their guns in the 4th. They shut out the A’s and added 2 runs of their own, to make it a tight 13-10 game in favor of the A’s.
If it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken, and feels like chicken but Chuck Norris says its beef, then it's beef. The A’s put some beef into their bats in the last inning. Leading by 3 runs, we doubled our lead by scoring 3 more runs. Hits by Quinones, LePinnet, Book and Coffman stretched the lead to A’s: 16- Yankees: 10.
Death once had a near-Chuck-Norris experience. The Yankees were down 6 runs in the last inning, but they would not roll over and die. After making their first out of the inning the Yankees recorded 7 straight hits by, Constantine, Doerbaum, Held, Vanderhyde, Toro, Crowell and Zelazny. That rally produced 5 runs, while placing the tying and winning runners on base. The next batter flew out and moved the runners to 2nd and 3rd, the A’s were in a precarious position. Chuck Norris can unscramble an egg. That is exactly what the A’s were able to do. They unscrambled the egg, got out of the mess and won the game, by retiring the last batter on a ground out to first.  Final Score: A’s :16-Yankees: 15. (Note: Coffman had the game winning hit for the A’s, back in the top of the 5th).
When Chuck Norris swims in the ocean, the sharks are in a steel cage.
The A’s had a great year, 13-5-1, was our final record. We were a tough team to beat. We won 6 in a row to close out the season, many of those games were won in dramatic fashion. Thanks to all the guys on my team for giving me your best effort. You turned out to be the solid players that I thought you were, when I drafted you. You provided many good memories. It turns out that we just fell a little short in our quest. Yesterday, Chuck Norris got shot, today is the bullet’s funeral. I know the A's players will continue to be resilient, just like Chuck Norris. The Tigers won their last game, defeating KFC. It gave them a 14-5 record and the championship. Congratulations to coaches Tommy Hamilton, Joe D’Herin and all the great players on the Tigers team for a tremendous season! Even Chuck Norris would have a tough time beating you guys, but he would beat you, even without a bat; because nobody beats Chuck Norris.
Sharks have a week of TV shows dedicated to Chuck Norris.
This is the dedication for the Yankees leading hitters, (both games combined).
Constantine: 3/5.
Doerbaum: 5/5.
Held: 5/5, with a double and HR.
Vanderhyde: 4/5.
Toro: 4/5.
Here is the dedication for the A’s leading hitters, (both games combined).
Goose: 4/6, double.
Stier: 4/5, HR, SF, double.
Shirer: 6/6, triple, double.
Guzman: 3/5, double and SF.
Quinones: 5/5, SF, 2 doubles.
Book: 4/5, 2 doubles.
Carpenter: 3/4, SF.
Reagen: 4/5, HR and triple. (Very Chuck Norris like).
Matta: 4/4.
LePinnot: 4/4, HR.
Year Ending, OBP leaders, for the A’s.
The 700 Club:
Shirer: 59/74, .797, incredible!
Matta: 52/72,.722.
Goose: 52/74, .702.
The 600 Club:
Essenmacher: 39/57, .684.
Book: 49/72, .680.
Quinones: 44/70, .628.
Stier: 48/77, .623.
More Chuck Norris Softball
Chuck Norris will not play against your softball team, he does not consider 11-1 fair odds for you.
Bats were regulated to be no longer than 34 inches, otherwise Chuck Norris would come to the plate swinging a tree.
When Chuck Norris drinks Gatorade, he squeezes his own, from live gators.
When Chuck Norris throws the old horsehide, the entire horse is still attached.
Chuck Norris already beat the Tigers, not Hamilton’s team, but real Tigers in the jungles of India.
No one steals an extra base from Chuck Norris and lives to tell about it.
Chuck Norris can catch any fly ball hit to the outfield, even when he is playing catcher.
When Chuck Norris takes batting practice, the moon gets new craters.
Chuck Norris was once thrown out at 2nd base. He slid so hard, he ended up in China and never reached the base.
Chuck Norris does not have to swing a bat to hit a homerun. After the pitcher releases the ball, Chuck Norris stares at it and the ball retreats over the outfield fence.
Write Up By Nick Matta

Tuesday, March 14th
This was the last game between the Yankees and the Giants.
These two teams put on an incredible performance.
There were 48 hits for the Yankees.  Also 37 hits for the Giants.
Yankee Hitters:  J. Simon.          6-7
                            D. Hartley.        6-7, hr.
                            P. Accetta.       6-7
                            F. Jacobs.         5-6, hr.
                            L. Grabb.           5-7, sf.
Giant Hitters:     B. McLellan.     6-6, bb.
                            B. Hite.               5-6, bb.
                            V. Bess.              5-6, bb.
                            L. Kriger.           4-6, bb.
The game ended in a tie, 33 to 33 after ten innings. Both teams scored nine runs in the tenth inning.
Submitted by M. Bloom, Giant's Manager

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday, March 14th
Hamilton's Tigers took on JD's KFC Allstars (minus JD) in an important game for the Tigers.  A win over KFC would assure the Tigers of the American league championship for the third year in a row.  Not sure if a 3peat has happened in our league.  The game was well played with KFC jumping out to a 7-4 lead after 3 innings.  Seemed like Hamilton's Tigers well hit line drives were finding the KFC gloves.  The tide changed in the 4,5, and 6 innings when the Tigers pushed across 8 runs on some clutch hits by Ford,Hamilton,Jacobson,Gonzales,Gazarek,DeRidder, and Farinas.  KFC could only muster 1 run in these 3 innings.  With the score 12-8 Tigers ahead, KFC put up 4 runs in the top of the 8th to tie the score at 12.  KFC might have the Colonel Sanders, but he was no match for General Hamilton's Tigers who put 2 runs on the board in the bottom of the 8th to go ahead 14-12.  Key hits were delivered by Farinas,Hicks, and a 2 run double down the right field line by Doug Ford.  Miguel Gonzales got the KFC boys on 3 fly outs to end the game.  Final score 14-12 Tigers.  Congrats to the Tiger team for the 3peat!!  Well played game by both squads.
Ford  3-5
Hicks 2-5
Hamilton 2-5
Jacobson 3-4
Gazarek 2-3
DeRidder 3-4
Farinas 3-4
Denny 2-4
Seguin 2-4
Dash 2-4
Pepin 3-4
Felix 3-4
Rad 2-4
Abreu 2-4
Jose 2-4

PenGeo (KFC) Video

The Video Stars

Some of you guys are so handsome that you made it past the cutting room floor.