Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Take me out to the ball game. Take me out with the crowd. 
With the start of spring training, baseball is getting in gear. I thought it might be fun to throw a little trivia into the write up while summarizing today’s game between the D’Herin/Butler team and the Matta/Davis team. Answers are at the bottom of the page.
D’Herin/ Butler, Tates, Visitors: Pepin, Hamilton, Keller, Jacobson, Levesque, Denny, Essenmacher, D’Herin, Farinas, Vandenberg, Butler and Wells.
Matta/ Davis, Tigers, Home: Coffman, Drouilard, Brock, Wiltshire, Matta, Smith, M.Gonzalez, Seguin, Dampier, Hill, JD and Deano.
There was not an easy out in either team’s line-up, so this should have been a slug fest. It was a good game, but the defense and pitching ruled the day, not the hitters. Base hits were as hard to find as hen's teeth. First Trivia question: How many MLB teams have spring training in Florida?   
It may be spring training in Florida for the MLB players, but the Senior League has been going at it, full tilt, all winter. Although some of the bats today were on spring break. JD Davis shut down the Tates through the first 4 innings. The Tigers built a strong 8 run lead during that same time frame. Gonzalez, Seguin, Dampier, Hill, Davis, Deano, Coffman and Drouilard were responsible for most of the offensive production through the first 4 innings. After 4 innings the score was Tates: 0-Tigers: 8.
Trivia question number 2: Can you match up these cities with the spring training teams that play in them? (Lakeland, Bradenton, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Tampa, Dunedin, Clearwater and Port Charlotte). (Rays, Braves, Phillies, Pirates, Yankees, Tigers, Astros and Blue Jays).
Things were not looking good for the Tates; remember these were the American League champions in Winter Haven this year. Not only that, they were undefeated, they had not lost a game since Ty Cobb was in little league, or, so it seemed. The Tates were not going to go down without a fight. The 5th, 6th and 8th innings were owned by the Visitors. They scored 8 runs to make it a one run game. (The Home team had scored only 1 run, since the 4th inning). The big inning for the D’Herin/Butler team came in the 8th. They scored 3 runs off a Denny homerun. Greg hit a ball deep into the right field corner. Levesque also drove in a run that inning. Going into the bottom of the 8th the score was Tates: 8-Tigers: 9.
Trivia question #3 (2 parts, must get both correct): Which MLB team made Winter Haven their spring home until 2008 and which city did they move to in Arizona?
The Tigers did not want this game to get away from them. In the bottom of the 8th inning the Tigers showed their claws and flashed their teeth. They scored 3 runs, to extend their small lead. Gonzalez, Seguin, Dampier and Davis all had big hits to help their team score.
After 8 innings the score was Tates: 8-Tigers:12.
Trivia question #4 (2 parts, must get both correct): What is the nickname for the MLB spring training league, in Florida? Likewise, what is the name for the Arizona, spring training league?
The Tates needed 4 runs to tie the game in the 9th. The bloom was off the rose. They were shut out in the 9th and the Tigers won the game. Final Score Tates: 8-Tigers:12.
Game Honors:
JD Davis: WP
Credit Josh Wells for a well-pitched game.
Angel Farinas for turning two double plays.
Dean Schapler for a nice catch in right field.
Mike Wiltshire for a nice play at shortstop.
Terry Smith for turning a double play, 3rd to home.
Greg Denny for a HR.
Visitor’s Leading Hitters:
Keller: 3 / 4.
Denny: 3/ 4.
Butler: 2 /3 and a walk.
Home Team Leading Hitters:
Drouilard: 3 / 4.
Brock: 3 / 4.
Gonzalez: 3 / 4.
Seguin: 2 / 3 and a walk.
Dampier: 3 / 4 with a double.
S. Hill: 3 / 4.
Davis: 3 / 4.
1.    Sixteen MLB teams make their spring training home in Florida.
2.    Lakeland-Tigers, Tampa-Yankees, Clearwater-Phillies, Kissimmee-Astros, Dunedin-Blue Jays, Bradenton-Pirates, Port Charlotte-Rays and Lake Buena Vista-Braves.
3.    The Cleveland Indians moved from Winter Haven in 2008 and now make Goodyear, AZ their spring home.
4.    The Florida league is known as the Grapefruit League, the AZ league is the Cactus League.
If you have all four answers correct you hit a HR.
Three correct: Triple.
Two correct: Double.
One correct: Single.
Zero correct: You wear the goat horns.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today's matchup on Fri., Feb. 27 was to determine the league champion.  The Braves VS The Marlins with both teams tied at 13 points apiece.  The Braves, managed  by Larry Powell, had won two previous games against the Marlins to put  themselves in position to win the league championship.  The Braves  were the visitors and their lineup was:  Fulton, Turpin, Macko, King, McLellan, Lautenschlager, Ragonese, Ayala, Abney, Bloom, Powell and Morey.  The Marlins were the home team and their lineup was:  Hill, Torres, Grabb, Remington, Simon, Zakrowski, Marino, Kline, Long, Moots, Gibson and  L. Baker.  The Braves bats were cold early on and failed to score in the first four innings of play.  The Marlins jumped out to an early lead with three runs in the first frame keyed by 2B  by Torres and Remington.  They added a run in the second inning and three more in the third inning on 2B by D. Hill and Torres followed by a Grabb HR.  The Marlins did not score in the fourth inning.  After 4 innings the score was 0-7.  The Braves scored twice in the top of the fifth on a McClellan HR.  The Marlins responded with a big 5 run inning  on 2B by D. Hill and Torres  followed by singles from Simon, Zakrowski, Marino, Kline and Long.  In the sixth inning the Braves scored one run on a Powell 2B.  The Marlins in the bottom of the sixth continued their hot hitting and scored five runs on six hits and a Torres HR. and a Simon 2B.  After 6 innings the score was 3-17.  In the seventh frame the Braves scored 3 runs with two outs on a Macko 3B and a 2B from McLellan.   The Braves answered by scoring 3 runs of their own on a Marino 2B to keep a large lead.  The  Braves did not score in the eighth and the Marlins added one run.  The Braves scored three runs in the ninth  inning and the final tally was Braves 9 and Marlins 21.  Kline was the WP.  Leading hitters for the Braves were: Fulton 3-4, King 3-4, McClellan 3-4 HR, 2 2B, Abney 2-3.  Leading hitters for the Marlins were:  D. Hill 4-5 2 2B, Torres 4-5 HR 3 2B, Grabb 2-4 HR SF, Remington 3-5 2B, Simon 3-5  2B, Zakrowski 3-3 BB,  Kline 3-3 BB, Gibson 2-3 BB.
Write up by Jeff Simon
National League Game on Field D
Two teams playing the game we love to play.
Home team under the management of Elmer Black took the field to play the Cubs
managed by Don LaMay.  It was a very cool morning and everyone was hoping to get
the game over quickly and get to the lunch provided for the players and guests.
This was the 9th time these two teams faced each other.  We also played two
games in the preseason.  Without score sheets to write this article it is hard
to mention any of the players and their hits.  But we can point out that the
Cubs built up a comfortable lead in the first few innings and took a 9 run lead
into the 8th inning. So both managers agreed to play the flip-flop rule.  BUT
Elmer’s team as they have done most of the year rallied for two runs in the 8th
and then really came alive in the 9th by scoring 5 runs and having two runners
on base before the final out was made.  Final Score LaMay’s Cubs 18 and Blacks
Team 16.
Write up by Don Lamay

Friday, February 27, 2015




BRNARDIC, Stiepan (Steve)
It is with deep and heavy sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our "Big Steve" in Lakeland, Florida on February 10, 2015 at the young age of 61. Predeceased by parents Stjepan (2006) and Barka (2009). Adoring husband & best friend to wife Jayne for 38 years. Most devoted father and biggest fan to his sons Steven (Lindsay) and Ryan (Kelly). Most dedicated and cherished Dede to his "GGs" Blake and Jack. Brother-in-law to Wayne & Deb Fortin, Leah & Ted Nantais and Paul & Darlene Fortin. Fondly remembered by many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews, along with countless other friends who were lucky enough to have known him. Steve retired from Daimler Chrysler after working for 35 years. He had two passions in life. First and foremost his family. Second was his undeniable passion for sports, especially softball, and the special bond he had with his team mates from the FOG Devils. Steve touched the lives of so many people with his big smile, kindness and generosity. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Donations to the Ontario Heart and Stroke would be appreciated by the family. 
Published in The Windsor Star on Feb. 14, 2015

Battle for the Bottom

Epic doesn't describe it.  The two losingest teams of the year squared off for the Charlie Brown trophy and guess what? We ended up tied for last.  It doesn't get any more classic than that.  Neither of us can lay claim to the Charlie Brown this year. The JDs beat us back in January and we repaid the favor today leaving us both with one win each. That is, both teams posted 1 and 14 records for the season. Yeesh.

Since we had the worse record, at zero wins going into today, we were home team and as it turned out, it didn't matter.  Butler's Boys led from frame one and never looked back.  We gave up a five run inning in the 6th when we were ahead 17 to 3 but our defense came through shutting down JDs Squad in the other 7 innings.  The JDs scored 3 in the first (on a Dave Doerbaum bomb with two on) and 5 in the sixth but that was it.  Zeros the rest of the way.  Meanwhile we scored our second best total of the year putting up 22 in 8 innings.

The Charlie Brown will have to wait until next year. 

Winning Pitcher: BJ Kallister

Key Hitters


  • Keller 4 for 5 HR 2-2B
  • Butler 4 for 4 2-2B SAC
  • Busch 3 for 4 2-2B
  • Zelazny 5 for 5 2B
  • Lafoon 4 for 5
  • Hartley 3 for 4

The Other Guys

  • Wiltshire 3 for 4
  • Gazarek 3 for 4
  • Coffman 2 for 3 BB
  • JD 3 for 4
  • Hill 3 for 4
  • Schapler 3 for 4

The Tale of The Tape:

For what it's worth I kept On-Base stats for my guys.  In slow pitch softball with the pitches zooming in there at about 3 mph, everyone should be up around the 800 level or so.  This probably explains our season.

Keller 0.688
Butler 0.683
Busch 0.605
Zelazny 0.590
Andrews 0.581
Lafoon 0.533
Poke 0.462
Hartley 0.452
Walsko 0.438
Hite 0.429
Kallister 0.406
Wheeler 0.346

submitted by Ron Butler

Thursday, February 26, 2015



The Board of Directors is sponsoring a barbeque lunch this Friday to celebrate the end of the season for WHSS. This lunch is open to all players and their guests. If you have a BYE this Friday, please come join us for lunch and to watch the championship game between Larry Powell's Braves and Jeff Simon's Marlins. It should be an exciting game.

There will be a short league meeting at 9:30 AM Friday before we begin playing softball. On Tuesday, March 3, we will start playing softball on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Auburndale Softball Complex for three weeks. We will resume play in Winter Haven on Tuesday March 24. If you have any questions concerning the location of the fields in Auburndale, let a board member know.


Don Witmer, Commissioner

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Today's game on Field C between the Marlins and the Braves was one that was highly anticipated.
The Marlins started the game by scoring two quick runs in the first inning with Duff Hill and Jeff Simon leading off and scoring.
The Braves quickly took the lead by scoring three runs in both the first and second innings.  Harlan Lautenschlager tripled in the first to knock in three runs. In the second inning Larry Powell hit a double to score two of the runs and scored the third run on a hit by Gene Morey. In the third inning, Augie Augenstein hit a base clearing triple to help the Braves score 5 runs. The Marlins tried to keep up by scoring two runs in the fourth inning with Larry Grabb  and Jerry Remington scoring on a key hit by Sam Lopez. The score at the end of Five innings was Marlins-4 Braves-10.
The Marlins added runs in the sixth, seventh, and eight innings but were shutout in the top of the ninth.The Braves in the meantime scored five in the sixth and seventh innings and three in the eight.Bill McLellan had a home run and Harlan had another triple to knock in three runs. Final Score Marlins 12 Braves 25.
Larry Powell was winning pitcher.

Top Hitters for the Marlins:
Duff Hill 3-5
Jerry Remington 4-4 
Rich Marino 3-4

Top Hitters for the Braves:
Milo Macko 3-4
Bill McLellan 2-2 two walks and one home run
Harlan Lautenschlager 4-4 two triples
Augie Augenstein 3-4 one triple
David Ragonese 3-4
Dave Abney 4-4 one home run
Larry Powell 3-4
Gene Morey 2-3

Write up by Larry Powell

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

JD's team was the only obstacle team T8 needed to overcome to finish the season undefeated.  The game started out with T8's scoring 18 runs in the first 5 innings and JD countering with 11.  The next 4 innings were very exciting with T8's scoring 14 runs and needing all of them as JD's boys tallied 16 runs resulting in a 32 to 27 victory for T8's.  The game ended with Larry Wells retiring the first 3 hitters in JD's lineup on 5 pitches.  Great season boys.  Thanks to Nic Burns and Tom Capozzi for filling in for Tom Hamilton and Frank Jacobs.  Great job umping by Don Ing and Pat D.   Congrats to JD's team for a fun game that went down to the wire.  Congrats to T8's for  a special season going undefeated ( I don't know if this was a first in Winter Haven softball).
Leading hitters T8's
Jose Rivera 3-6
Jeff Steirs 5-6
Kurt Essenmacher 5-6
Ron Pepin 4-6
Ray Levesque 4-6
Joe D'Herin 4-5
Bob Vandenberg 3-5
Angel Farinas 4-5 (4 triples)
Larry Wells 3-5  undefeated pitching
Nic Burns 3-4
Tom Capozzi 3-5
Leading hitters JD
Mike Wiltshire 3-6
Eddie Gazarek 5-6
Chuck Duff 3-5
Miguel Gonzalez 3-5
Kirk Coffman 3-5
JD 5-5 
Terry Smith 4-5
Write up by Joe D'Herin
National League Game on Field B    Cubs VS Pirates
The National Leagues game between the Cubs with Manager Don LaMay's team lined up in this order: Thompson, Taylor, Scarbrough, Shaffer, Stepp, Michalski, Mohan, Hector, Baker, Leggett, DePalma, McPartlan, and Yarletts.  The Pirates with Floyd Welton at the helm batted in this order:  Barnes, Kline, Hawbaker, Guspyt, F. Miller, Boswell, Ducham, Witter, Chamlee, Black, Ayer, and Welton. 
First inning Cubs came out swinging there bats.  Thompson doubles, then four singles by Taylor, Scarbrough, Shaffer and Stepp and a double off the bat of Michalski drove in the max 5 runs for the inning.  Pirates have singles from Kline and Hawbaker then Miller drives in a run for the Pirates with a line single to left center.  Cubs continued with the hot bats in the second and third innings with 5 runs in each frame.  In the meantime Cubs pitcher Leggett was keeping the Pirates hitters off stride and hitting the corners to hold the Pirates scoreless in the next 4 innings.  Cubs added another 4 in the fourth inning.
The pitching performance from Cubs Leggett was one to be highlighted.  Walt held the Pirates to 4 runs over the 9 innings.  Good fielding plays by Stepp from his 2nd base spot to make an over the shoulder running catch.  Scarbrough on a hard hit grounder in the hole and threw the runner out at first. 
Final score Cubs 27  Pirates 4
Leading hitters for the Cubs:  Thompson 5 for 5, Taylor 5 for 5, Scarbrough 5 for 5 w/HR, Michalski 5 for 5 w/DBL, and Leggett 3 for 3 w/walk
Pirates:  Kline 3 for 4, Hawbaker 3 for 4
Write up by Don LaMay

The Board of Directors is sponsoring a barbeque lunch this Friday to celebrate the end of the season for WHSS. This lunch is open to all players and their guests. If you have a BYE this Friday, please come join us for lunch and to watch the championship game between Larry Powell's Braves and Jeff Simon's Marlins. It should be an exciting game.

There will be a short league meeting at 9:30 AM Friday before we begin playing softball. On Tuesday, March 3, we will start playing softball on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Auburndale Softball Complex for three weeks. We will resume play in Winter Haven on Tuesday March 24. If you have any questions concerning the location of the fields in Auburndale, let a board member know.


Don Witmer, Commissioner