Monday, February 20, 2017

Friday, February 17th
An interesting game that was tied 5-5 after 4 innings.  Score was 11-10 favor Tigers after  6 innings.  Hamiltons Tigers put 7 runs to Freddys Angels 2 runs in the 7th and 8th innings giving the Tigers  a 4 run cushion going into the 9th.  Freddys boys answered by scoring 4 runs to tie the game at 18.  Facing the threat of an extra inning game, the Tigers led by Hamilton, Jacobson, Gazarek and Miguel Gonzalez all reached base with Miguel driving in the tie breaking run with a line drive single.  Final score 19-18 Tigers.  Good game guys.
Hicks 3-5
Ford 3-5
Hamilton 3-5
Jacobson 3-4
Gazarek 2-3 w/2 walks
Gonzalez 3-5
Scarbrough 4-4

Witmer 3-6
Thirey 3-6
Shipley 3-5  HR
Reponen 4-5
Quinones 3-5
Matta 3-5
Ayers 4-5

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday, February 17th
Giants vs. Flyers
Marshall Bloom’s Giants have had their way with Loren Fabian’s Flyers all season until Friday’s game, when the Flyers came from behind in the last inning to win a 14-13 decision.
The Flyers never had a lead in the game until the bottom of the seventh, when winning pitcher Jerry Witter hit a sharp ground ball down the third base line to drive in the game-ending run. Witter was the only Flyer to go 4-4 at the plate.
The Flyers battled back to tie the game 11-11 in the bottom of the fifth. After a scoreless sixth inning, the Giants scored two runs in the top of the seventh, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Flyers who scored three in the bottom of the inning to win the game.
Until Friday, Pat Lopiccolo’s pitching had handcuffed the Flyers with his left-hand, right-foot delivery, dropping the ball on the plate or just in front of it, tempting the Flyers to swing at bad pitches.
Bill McLellan had the hot bat for the Giants, driving two balls over the left-center field fence. The defensive player of the game was Ron Thompson, who made several lunging grabs at second base, each time shutting down the Flyers hopes for a rally.
Ralph Boswell, Don Schapeler, and Rudy LaPointe hit well for the Flyers, all three knocking balls over the outfield fence. A tip of the hat goes to Jimmy McPartlin, the league’s oldest player at 86 years, who played errorless ball in right field for the Flyers.
The Polk State College women’s team arrived in time to watch the last inning from the bleachers. They were entertained by what they saw on the field, but we couldn’t tell if they were smiling in admiration or laughing in embarrassment at these rusty “bygones and has beens.” I am sure it was admiration. Well, pretty sure.
Write up by Doug Hapeman

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Friday, February 17th
It was a sunny day, temp. in the mid 70's.wind was from the North /East and light at 8 miles/hour, but who cares.

I want to talk about a good competitive game played between Simon's Yankees and Black's Nationals. After 5 innings the score was Nats 11 to 3. The Yankees put up 5 spots in both the 6th. & 7th. to take a 13 to 11 lead. The Nats came back with 4 in the 7th. and added 5 in the hang on to a 20 to l6 final.

Numerous great defensive plays were made by both teams, none better than the catches made by

Dean Schapler in right field with the sun in his eyes.

Thanks to Ed Guspyt who pitched a good game replacing Hal Ridley nursing a strained brain, no sorry that should read sprained ankle.

Hitting Heroes

Yankees: Grabb  4/5 double

                Jacobs 3/5 double

                Hartley 3/5 triple

Nationals:  Roy   3/5

                  Lopez 3/4 2 triples BB

                  Guspyt  3/5 triple

                  Don Ing, a home run, honest I was there and saw it. A deep fly ball to right field.

Submitted by Elmer Black

When Softball meets Dodgeball

Friday, February 17th
Juan's Yankees 28 JD'S K.F.C All STARS 15. The Yankees displayed good defense, great hitting, power, good pitching by Larry Wells. Outstanding plays by Chris Constantine, Bob Zelazny, Johnny Ojeda, Jose Rivera, and a ESPN moment a diving catch line drive at the hot corner Randy Crowell. Leading hitters for the Yankees. Juan Toro 5/5, Johnny Ojeda, 4/4,Dave Doerbaum, 4/5, George, Vanderhyde 4/4, Bob Zelazny 4/5 .Great hitting guys. The leading hitters for K.F.C Vidal Villalba 3/4, Louis Abreu 3/4, J.D 3/4.
Write up by JD Davis

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuesday, February 14th
The Braves and the Giants squared off on Field "B" on a beautiful sunny day.
The Braves had two five run innings with various other scores.
The Giants only managed two three run innings besides other runs.

Brave's Hitters:  R. Levesque. 3-3, BB
                           J. Castillo.     3-4
                           F. Dampier.   3-4
                           D. Hill.          3-4

Giant's Hitters:     R. Thompson. 3-4, BB
                            L. Kriger          3-5
                            B. McLellan.   3-5
                            Floyd Welton  3-5

Final Score was Braves 15, Giants 12.

Submitted by: M. Bloom
Giants Manager
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Simon's Yankees (Home)  vs Strait's Tigers (Visitors)

It was another hard fought game between Simon's Yankees and Strait's Tigers.  
The Yankees started out like a shot with them getting 2 in the 1st and 3 in the 2nd
leading the Tigers by 3.  3rd and 4th innings were more of the same - Yankees 5 more 
runs and the Tigers 4 - score 10-6.  
Then, as they seem to do, the Tigers found their bats and gloves - shutting down
the Yankees  in the 5th & 6th - and getting 6 runs to go ahead 12 to 10.
The crowd went wild - Pat Merritt, Helen & Gary (Larry Strait's daughter and
friend) and Sally.  This encouragement sent the Tigers wild, they scored 10 runs to the 
Yankees 6 (in the 7th thru 9th) with the Tigers winning 22 - 16.  Good Job guys.
The Tigers defense was on fire also turning 3 double plays.
Yankees         Tigers
Frank Jacobs 4 - 6                                         Steve Hill 5-5
Bill Mutch  4-5                                           BJ 4-5
Larry Grabb  3-5 Ted Taylor  4-5
Travis Fryzowicz 3-5 Ray Auferio  3-5
Danny Parker 3-5
Jerry Remmington  3-5
Jr Ortiz 3-5
Write up by Larry Strait

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For Love Of The Game
We had a sweetheart of a game for Valentines Day between the (Gonzalez) Angels and the (Matta) A’s. If you, the reader, will extend me a little mushy latitude, I will explain today’s game using words associated with this lover’s holiday.
The Angels came out of the box in the first inning shooting cupids arrows for hits and scoring 3 runs. The A’s returned the favor and added 3 of their own. You might say Dave Shirer had a crush on the ball, even better, Dave crushed the ball. He delivered a box of chocolates, in the form of a HR, over the left field fence. Matta followed with a towering shot to right center but his heart was broken, when he saw Tim Thiry run it down, making a great catch.
In the 2nd inning the Angels added some forget-me- nots, with a five run inning. Morty, Wise, Elmer, Ship, Vidal and Brock all reached base safely. Vidal’s single almost left the park. We were all so busy watching it sail close to the left field fence, thinking it was a HR, that we were moonstruck to see it fall just short. By that time all Vidal could get from the hit was a single. It still scored a few runs. I was beginning to feel like no one on the field loved me, after Vidal, on defense, backhanded a laser line drive that I hit to short center, in the bottom of the 2nd, to end our rally. AT the end of 2 innings the score was Angels 8-A’s 6.
The next big inning was in the 5th, that is when the Angels delivered another FTD bouquet, special delivery, a 4 run inning. Ship, Brock, Busch, Witmer and Reponen sent the flowers. After 5 innings of play the score was Angels 12- A’s 9.
In the bottom of the 6th the A’s showed their passion for hitting, you might say; “the ball was smitten, as we kept hittin.” We knocked in 5 runs when Coffman, (who was on fire the whole game), Jose, Goose, Stier, Shirer, Matta and Quinones all wrote a love poem to the softball. “How do I love hitting thee. Let me count the ways. I love hitting thee to center, right and left. I love hitting thee with a Miken, Dudley or Addidas.” At the end of the 6th inning the A’s lead for the first time in the game, Angels 12- A’s 14.
In the 7th and 8th inning the Angels had abandon their bats just like a couple abandons each other after a bad blind date. They were shut out, while the A’s added a solo run in the 7th and three runs in the 8th. The three run 8th inning had a little pizzazz; the 3 runs came from 3 triples hit by Stier, Matta and Essenmacher. Shakespeare said; ”Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” That’s Ok for love, but for softball you need to follow this advice, Coach Matta said; “see what you hit, hit what you see.” Angels 12- A’s 18.
In the ninth inning the Angels had a mini rally, scoring 2 runs. With the bases loaded and one out, Jeff Stier turned a darling DP, on defense, that ended the game. Roses are red, violets are blue, the A’s won this one, when the game was through. Angels 14-A’s 18.
Leading Hitters for the Angels:
Shipley: 4/5.
Vidal: 4/5.
Brock: 5/5 with a triple.
Witmer: 3/4 with a triple.
Reponen: 3/ 4.
Wise: 3/ 4.
Leading Hitters For the A’s:
Goose: 3/5.
Stier: 3/ 5 with a triple.
Shirer: 3/4 with two doubles, HR and SF.
Essenmacher: 4/5 with a triple.
Book: 4/5.
Coffman: 4/4 with a double and a triple.
Write up by Nick Matta

Flyers vs. Nationals, Tuesday, February 14, 2017
For the second time this season Loren Fabian’s Flyers upset the National League-leading Nationals, cutting short their winning streak by beating them 18-7 Tuesday on Field A.
Elmer Black’s Nats hit the ball hard, but the Flyers were in the right spot nearly every time. Eddie Kline went deep into the grass behind first base to make a running catch stopping the Nats’ rally in the second inning, and Al Andrews made a spectacular running catch to quell the Nats rally late in the game. The infield turned two double plays with the second one ending the game in the top of the ninth, cutting short the Nats’ comeback rally.
The Flyers’ bats were cracking, as 9 of the 11 players hit .500 or better. Don Schapeler and Rudy LaPointe sent balls over the outfield fence for ground rule doubles, as they both batted 4 for 4. Jimmy Laffoon also batted 4 for 4, and a quartet of players, Bill Bowley, Mike O’Callahan, Eddie Kline, and Al Andrews, all went 3 for 4.
The Flyers were missing their esteemed coach, Loren Fabian, who was on a 5-day Valentine’s cruise in the western Caribbean. The Flyers donated $50 each to extend his trip for another week, so they could keep up their winning ways.
Write up by Doug Hapeman
The Tigers and Yanks met and it was an old fashion run fest.  Score was tied after 6 innings 17-17.  The Tigers outscored Toro's Yanks 11-4 to win the game 28-21. There were plenty of hitting stars led by HR's by Doerbaum, M.Gonzalez, Torok, and Ojeida. Triples were hit by Hamilton,Gazarek, Farinas, Constantine.  Great game guys!
Ford 5-5
Jacobson 4-5
M. Gonzalez 4-5
Gazarek 4-5
DeRidder 4-4
Denny  3-3
Torok 3-4
Smith  3-4
Rivera 4-5
Ojeida 5-5
Vanderhyde 4-5
Doerbaum 3-5
Constantine 5-5
Jimenez 3-4
Abreu 3-4
Write up by Joe D'Herin