Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday, Jan 20th
Tell Your Sister To Wear Her Lipstick
KFC (Davis)-A’s (Matta)
Wow, not certain where to start to even try and explain this game and do it justice. I guess I’ll start at the ending, a 21-21 tie. We played 10 innings in dramatic fashion. The game went back and forth. Both teams were as tenacious as a junk yard dog.
The KFC team had the A’s in the fryer in the 9th. We were down 3 runs. The A’s rallied and fell just short of winning it in the 9th inning, we did however tie it, 17-17. Then the KFC team tried to ice the game in the 10th. JD started as a runner at 2nd base, as the league mandates. After a hit, he moved to 3rd. There was a fly out to center field and Dave Shier unleashed a frozen rope throw to the plate to cut down JD, who tagged up. Now with two outs the KFC team refused to turn out the lights. They knocked in 4 runs to give them a solid lead, 21-17.
For the 2nd time in two innings, once in the 9th and now in the 10th, the A’s fought back and scored 4 runs with the game on the line.  Clutch hitting in the last frame from, Book, Gazarek, Carpenter and Coffman. With the winning run at 3rd base, the A’s chance to win came to an abrupt close as the last out was recorded. The score would stay at 21-21. What so they say, “a tie is like kissing your sister”?
Goose 5/5, (12/12, in his last 12 At Bats).
Hicks: 3/5.
Shirer: 3/5.
Matta 3/5, with a triple.
Stier: 3/5, with a double.
Alumbaugh 3/5, (welcome back from Georgia).
TQ: 3/5, with a double.
Gazarek: 3/5, with a triple.
Book: 4/5, with two, yes two, triples.
Coffman: 4/5, driving in some big runs.
Keller: 5/5 with a double, nice to have Don back.
Nilo: 3/5, with a triple.
Luis A: 3/5.
T. Smith: 3/5, nice to have Terry back playing ball.
Pep: 3/5, with a triple, (saved his best for the 10th inning).
Benson: 4/5.
Vandenberg: 4/5.
Outstanding defensive plays by Reagen, Goose, Shirer, Keller and Benson.
Write up by Nick Matta

Friday, Jan 20th
The game on Field B had Powell's Braves vs Simon's Yankees.  The sun was a real factor on the batters for the first four innings.  When the batter indicated he was unable to see the ball a non pitch was ruled .  Bob Hite then showed up and volunteered to umpire the plate for the remainder of the contest.  This was OK by both managers.  Thank you Bob.  Both managers agreed to a fifth outfielder to maximize playing time for all participants.  The contest was close all the way with neither team ever taking more than a four run lead.  With the home team Yankees leading by only one run after eight innings, it was indeed a close, exciting game.  The visitors, Powell's Braves, put up four runs in the top of the ninth and took a three run lead.  As is so often in a close, hard fought contest, it came down to the bottom of the ninth frame.  Simon's Yankees sent eight hitters to the plate and managed seven hits to score four times and win a really close ballgame.  Travis Fryzowicz recorded the winning hit.  The winning pitcher was Eugene Dudley. Great job.  The top hitters for Powell's squad;  Wheeler 3/5, Burtner 3/4 BB, Dampier 2/3 BB, D. Hill 3/5, Ayer 4/5, Waddell 4/5,  Powell 3/4  and top hitters for Simon's team:  Grabb 4/5 2B, Jacobs 3/5, Mutch 5/5 2doubles, Schapeler 3/5 3B, Simon 3/4 BB,  Marino 3/5, Fryzowicz 3/5, Zakrowski 2/4, DePalma 3/4 2B.  Final  score was 20-17 with the Yankees over the Braves.  Of special note:  Both teams played hard and exhibited sportsmanship and cooperation making for an excellent softball game.

Friday Jan 20th.
On the short field and on the short clock, Black's Nationals defeated Bloom's Giants 21 to 13
in 6 1/2 innings.
Only one ball cleared the fence and that came off the bat of Bill King.
Each team scored 5 runs in the 1st inning and after 3, the score was Nats 15, Giants 10
 Giants hitting
Herbie O     2/3 HR.
Thompson   2/3
Mahon         2/3
Hite              3/3 D
Denny           2/3 D
Bess             2/3
Bloom           2/3
Nationals hitting
Roy               4/4
Rutan             3/4 D
Lopez            3/4 D
Ing                 4/4 D
Ridley             3/4 D
Learn             2/3
Hawbaker      2/3
Mohan           2/2 BB
Ducham          2/3
PS: Black was a healthy scratch on an 11 to 0 vote by his team mates.
Submitted by Elmer Black
Friday, January 20th.
Wow!!!!  What a game between Strait's Tigers and Fabian's Flyers. Tigers jumped out with 5 and Flyers answered with their own 5. That set the stage for a high scoring game.  It was tied 20-20 after 6 innings and Strait's boys led 28-21 with the Flyers coming up in the bottom of the 9th. Guess what? They tied it up with a barrage of hits and had a chance to win it with the bases loaded and 2 outs. Fabian grounded out to 2nd. 

10th inning started with Strait on 2nd and got to 3rd and scored on a sac fly but the runner on first was called out on an appeal for leaving too early and the run deemed not scored. So the score remained tied and the Flyers had the bases loaded with 2 out when Jim Laffoon stepped to the plate and smacked a single up the middle for a run and Doug Hapeman scored from 2nd in case they needed 2. Final Score was Fabian's Flyers 29 and Strait's Tigers 28.

Ed Kline was the winning pitcher after coming in from the bullpen, gave up 5 in the 8th but shut them down in the 9th and 10th.

It is nice to include as many players names in the write ups as possible. However, this cannot be done without accurate books. Managers need to make an effort to have the score sheets as complete as possible.  The Flyers had HRs by Andrews, Hapeman, Schapeler and triples by Boswell and Laffoon.

Write up by Loren Fabian  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tuesday, Jan 17th
On Field A today the short field won as only 5 doubles by each team cleared the fence.
Final score: nationals 21, tigers 10
Strait's tigers:
Letourneau  3/4 double
Leggett  3/4
Aufiero  2/4 2 doubles

Black's Nationals
Shaffer 4/4 double
Rutan 3/4
Lopez 3/4
Ridley 4/4  Yes Hal you went 4/4 !!1
Ing   3/4 2 doubles
Learn  4/4
Hampton 3/4 double
honorable mention king 2/4 triple
Less than honorable mention, Elmer Black 0/4. were are looking to trade him.
Nationals be ready to start game on Friday @9;00 AM, as we have to be off the field @ 10:15 AM.
Submitted by Elmer Black


All Friday games on Field A are going to begin at 9:00 AM with a ONE HOUR -15 MINUTE TIME LIMIT. Field A has to be cleared of WHSS players no later than 10:30 AM. Field A is being used by the Polk State College girls softball team on Friday mornings. This will affect Elmer Black's Nationals and Marshall Bloom's Giants tomorrow.

Also, the City has begun receiving tournament schedules from other organizations that will be using the Diamondplex to host their tournaments in January, February and March. Once these schedules have been finalized, usually one week before their tournament, we may not be able to use any or all of the fields at the Diamondplex. As soon as I am notified by the City, I will let everyone know. Be flexible.

Don Witmer, Commissioner
Tuesday, January 17th
Hamilton's team  scored 13 runs the first 4 innings and held on to win the game 16-12. Don Torok had in inside the park homer in the 6th inning to provide a cushion for the Tigers.  Numerous great plays made by both teams.

Hicks  3/4
Hamilton 2/3
Ford  3/4
Jacobson 3/4
Farinas 3/4
DeRidder  3/3
D'Herin   2/3
Torok  2/3  HR

Rad 2/4
Villalba 3/4
Vega  3/4
Keller 3/4
JD 2/3
Abreu 2/3
Pepin 2/3
Morton  2/3
Vallecillo   2/3
Game 2
Game started out tied 5-5 after 5 innings.  Each team scored 1 run in the 6th inning and the score was tied 6-6 after 7.  International rule was in effect for the 8th inning which meant the last out of the previous inning went to second base to start the 8th inning. The next batter grounded out with no advance from the runner on second.  Next batter singled moving the runner to third with one out. Next hitter lined a one hop shot to Wiltshire who threw to Hamilton at second who completed the double play with the throw to first.  No runs scored.  The Tigers came to bat with the previous out runner at second and scored the winning run on on timely hit from Stevie Hicks.  Super game with too many to mention good plays.  Great game to have participated in.
Hicks 3/4  game winning hit
Hamilton  2/3
M. Gonzales 3/3
D'Herin 2/3
Denny 2/3

Rad 2/3
Villalbo 2/4
Keller  2/3
Abreu 2/3
Vandenberg  3/3
Write up by Joe D'Herin

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Tale Of Two Comebacks
Two strong games between the Yankees (Toro) and the A’s (Matta). In Game 1, the A's took a 13-4 lead into the 7th (last inning). The Yankees mounted a charge in the top of the 7th by scoring 7 runs. It was not enough and the A’s tallied a 13-11 win. Jeff Stier had an outstanding game in the field at SS, robbing the Yankees of several hits. TQ (Tony Quinones) had a HR for the A’s.
Game two was a hitter’s delight. Both teams colored in the scorecard. Just like in game 1, the A’s took a big lead into the last inning 21-14. Just like in game 1, the Yankees staged a big comeback in the last inning.  This time they did not fall short. They had timely hits by all the batters they sent to the plate, winning the game 22-21. Nick Burns and Bobby Reagen, each had a HR for the A’s. Dave Doerbaum had a Grand Slam, in the 7th, for the Yankees.
A’s leading hitters on the day:
Goose: 6/7 with a double.
Stier: 5/7 with two triples.
Shirer: 6/7 with 3 doubles.
Deemie: 4/7 with two triples.
Matta 5/5 with a double and two sacs.
TQ: 4/7 with a HR.
Brock 6/7 with a double.
Burns: 4/7 with a double, triple, HR.
Reagen: 4/6 with a triple and a HR.
Yankees leading hitters for the day:
Constantine 6/8  with a double and triple.
Vanderhyde: 6/7 with a triple and a double.
Doerbaum: 5/7 with a double and a HR.
Held: 5/6  with two doubles.
Ojeda: 6/7  with a double and a triple.
Jimenez: 5/7  with a double.
Rivera: 5/7: with two triples.
Toro: 6/7.
Pinnick: 4/6.
Write up by Nick Matta
Fabian Flyers must have been saving up scoring runs.
Today they scored 5 runs each in the First-Fourth innings.
They finished scoring 29 runs and didn't bat in the ninth inning.
Powell's Braves could score only 15 runs in nine innings.

Eddie Kline was the winning pitcher.

Braves hitters were: Mike Wheeler 3-4, Gary Burtner 3-4, Fred Dampier 3-4,
Don Lamay 2-3.
Flyers hitters were: Al Andrews 5-5, Jimmy Laffoon 5-5, one triple, one home run,
Schapeler 4-5, two doubles, Ralph Boswell 4-5 one double

Submitted by Larry Powell
Simon's  Yankees vs Bloom's Giants-  The story of this game was that the starting pitcher for Simon's home team was away and the pitching by committee yielded 15 BB compared to the fine pitching of Pat LoPiccolo for the visiting team, Bloom's Giants.  The Yankees tried to make a game of it near the end with a 10 run outburst  highlighted by a Larry Grabb grand slam but they fell short.  The final score was 29-18 with Bloom's team coming out on top.  The WP was LoPiccolo .  McClellan had a HR for the visitors .  Larry Grabb and Frank Jacobs had HR's back to back in the eighth frame.  Dave Hartley added a round tripper in the ninth inning.  Top hitters for Simon's squad were:  Simon 6/6, Grabb 3/5, Jacobs 2/4, Hartley 5/5, Marino 5/5, Accetta 3/5, DePalma 3/5, Dudley 2/5, and pool player Ducham 3/5.  Top hitters for Bloom:  Herbie 4/6, Ron Thompson 3/3, McLellan 5/5, Hite 3/4, Bess 1/1 4BB, LoPiccolo 3/4 , Gene Baker 4/4 and Bloom 4/5.

Write up by Jeff Simon