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Friday, July 14th

Thirty three ballplayers showed up today in Winter Haven to play on a hot, steamy Friday morning. We continue to dodge the rain in the mornings and are glad the afternoon thunder showers do not prevent us from playing the next morning. We had a 3 team game after the thunder showers last night and the field was in quite good shape. I umpired, so can't remember a lot of plays, other than true story Marino had all oohing and aahing in right field with a basket catch on the run. Well - - trot. 
First, I would like to clear the air about why I won't be playing much for a while. I will mostly ump for the next couple months when I can be there because next week I start 5 day a week prostate radiation for 9 weeks. (Early detection is the key). I will be fine. 
On to the game. Field team won 15-8-6.
Field team. Boswell 1-3,  King 2-4,  Scarbrough 2-4,  Book 3-3 w/sac,  Witmer 2-4,  Reagan 3-4,  Schapler 3-3,  BJ 2-3,  Bobby C 2-3,  Richard G (new guy) 2-3 and awarded the ball for his first hit. 
Hit team. Angel 2-4,  Constantine 2-3,  Shirer 1-3,  Jacobs 1-3,  Vandenberg 2-4,  Marino 1-3,  Skidmore 2-3,  Wells 1-3. 
Sit team. Rad 1-3,  Gonzalez 1-3 HR,  Laffoon 1-3,  Bobby Z 2-3,  Morton 1-3,  Gibson 1-3,  Lopiccolo (Tonto) 1-3. 

Don't forget, Solivita Softball is coming on Friday, July 28th.

Write up by Loren Fabian

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Friday, June 30th - Solivita Softball
We had 12 ballplayers from the American League go to Solivita this morning to continue our double header games with our friends from Solivita. The lineup went like this.  Dave Shipley, Dave Shirer, Dave Doerbaum, Rad Pcholinski, Tony Quinones, Don Witmer, Larry Book, Freddy Gonzalez, Nick Matta, Juan Toro, Randy Crowell and a new player at WHSS Pete Gutenberger           .
WHSS was visitors the first game and scored no runs in the first inning. Solivita's bats came out hot in the bottom of the first inning and they scored five runs. Don Witmer led off the top of the second inning with a single and scored on a nice hit by Freddie Gonzalez. Nick Matta drove in Freddie with a single and WHSS was on the scoreboard. Larry Book found his groove on the pitchers mound and held Solivita scoreless for the next three innings. WHSS bats were not silent though. In the third inning, Dave Shipley had a triple and Dave Doerbaum hit a blast for a two run homer. In the fourth inning, WHSS scored four runs on hits by Book, Gonzalez, Matta, Toro, Crowell and Gutenberger. In the fifth inning, our bats stayed hot with hits by Shirer, Rad, Quinones, Witmer and another blast by Doerbaum for five runs. After 6 innings, WHSS had the lead 13- 8 going into the open inning and what an open inning it was. We batted eleven batters and scored six runs to take a 19- 8 lead going into the bottom of the seventh inning. Great pitching by Larry Book and great defense by WHSS held Solivita scoreless in the bottom of the seventh inning.
In the second game, we were home team and Nick Matta was on the mound for WHSS. The 10 minute break in the 95 degree heat was good Solivita's bats. They scored four runs in the first inning and five more in the third inning to take a take a 9-5 lead after three innings. WHSS changed pitchers in the top of the fourth inning and Dave Doerbaum had his pitching game on. Dave silenced the Solivita bats for four straight innings and WHSS had a five run inning in the bottom of the sixth to take the lead and the final score was 10-9.
A great big thanks to Solivita for treating WHSS to a nice lunch after the games. Hot Dogs, chips and refreshments were served under the pavilion. We are looking forward to the next games being held in Winter Haven on Friday, July 28th.
Write up by Don Witmer

Monday, July 3, 2017


There will be no games in Winter Haven on Tuesday, July 4th. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July. See you Friday.

Don Witmer

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday June30the

Games are on. Fields are good.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 30 June Write Up

We had a game as good as the weather today. We also had a pleasant surprise as Don Held, Larry Book, and Donnie Witmer all showed up to play. Seems the tournament in Marietta Ga got rained out. It was great to have them play, especially Don Held since we did not expect to see him until fall. Now to the game.
To say it was close is an understatement. In keeping with the last three games, there was only one run separating all the teams going into the last inning. More about that later.
The Zebras were solid in the field and at the plate. The lineup had Laffoon, Witmer, Held, Zelazny, Freddy G, Marino, Accetta, BJ, and Gene Baker. They scored twice in the first inning and held the lead through four despite only scoring one more run during that period. It took Ralph Boswell's team of Herbie O, Chrest, Shirer, Scarborough, Morton, Wells, Ralph, Lee Baker, DeRidder, and Ray Johnson (who played his first game today) four innings to catch the Zebras. The Kings were ably managed by Russ as he did a great job in getting the most out of his players. The team of Pete, Frank Jacobs (back from his California trip), Book, Crowell, Russ, Norm , Strait, Castillo, Bess, and Merritt trailed up to the fourth when they put up three runs to take the lead. Scoring three more in the  fifth they extended their lead and never looked back.
With one of the lowest scoring games I can remember, it was over so fast that Sally did not finish one chapter in her book, Betty never finished her drink, and Pat Merritt did not even have to put on sun screen.
Bob Hite and his wife stopped by while recovering from knee replacement and great to see him on the mend.
Final score was Team Zebra six,Team Boswell five, and Team King eight.
Key performers included:
Frank Jacobs     3 for 4
Russ King          3 for 3 with an almost triple
Jim Laffoon         3 for 4
Donnie Witmer    4 for 4
Dave Shirer         4 for 4 with a triple
Ralph Boswell     4 for 4
Reminder that it is getting warmer. The water jug will be out at each game so bring something to put the water in.

Games are on. Fields are in great shape.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


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Tuesday June 20th

No games today. Standing water on all fields. See you Friday.

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Friday, June 16, 2017