Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Solivita softball this Friday in Winter Haven. We will be wearing our White WHSS Shirts to play against Solivita. The regular games will still be played. I expect it will be a two team game to everyone's delight.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The board of directors put out a suggestion box after the season was over and there were 8  suggestions that were reviewed during the board meeting today. Below is a recap of that review.

Suggestion. 1. Eliminate the outfield boundary line.
Response 1. The outfield boundary line has been removed from the American League and the board feels the line should remain in place in the National League to benefit our older members.

Suggestion 2. Outfielders should not be able to throw out batter/base runner going to first base.
Response 2. This happens mostly in the American League. The board feels that due to the competitive nature of the game, this suggestion should not be implemented.

Suggestion 3. Eliminate the infield fly rule.
Response 3. The rules committee is looking to revise the infield fly rule to comply with current ISA rules. The board does not feel the infield fly rule should be eliminated.

Suggestion 4. No walks during pickup games.
Response 4. The current WHSS rule does not allow intentional walks during pickup games. The rule will remain in effect.

Suggestion 5. On Field A, outfielders must stay on the dirt track until the ball is hit.
Response 5.  This suggestion will be implemented for the 2019 season.

Suggestion 6. Change league to seven inning games. Do away with the international tie breaker rule that put the last out on second base when there is a tie ball game.
Response 6. The board will poll the players after our winter players arrive and see what they want to do. We do play seven inning games in the summertime when the heat index is unbearable. The international tie breaker rule will remain in place as a method of speeding up the games.

Suggestion 7/ If there is a dominate team in either league after three weeks, redistribute the talent.
Response 7. The board will be looking closely at the draft procedures to try and eliminate a dominant team.

Suggestion 8. Hire paid umpires for each game and raise the league fees to pay for the umpires.
Response 8. The board is not sure where we would get qualified umpires for our morning games. The board would not want to pay someone to umpire when we have quite a few members that do a pretty good job of volunteering to umpire. We will offer umpire training for those members who are interested and we will work with the team managers to try and make sure they have several qualified players to umpire during the games.

The Board wishes to thank everyone for their suggestions. The suggestion box will be set out again in October and any suggestions received will be reviewed in our November board meeting.

Another damn good 2 team game as the score indicates 16-12 in favor of Fabian over Zelazny. Bobby  Z s team fought back from 11 runs down to pull within 3 in the 8th but went out quite mildly in the 9th in spite of Bob Z's bench rooting. It was again a very fun game which all you snowbirds are missing. 

We also had a positive today about the test of having 3 bases at 2nd base to accommodate the veer off rule. It worked fine 4 times. We'll keep you all posted as we keep testing it. 

Here are the hitters today led by Lee Baker who got a double and ended up scoring to help pull the team within 3 runs. Johnny Merritt also had a base hit out of the infield. 

Constantine 4-4. Book 2-4. Zelazny 3-4. Castillega 3-4. Morton 2-3. 

Guzman 4-4 plus pinch ran to score a total of 8 runs. Laffoon 3-4. Gutenberger 2-4. Capozzi 2-3. Crowell 2-4. Vining 2-3. Learn 2-3. 

Write up by Loren Fabian. 

Friday June 15th

Games are on.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tuesday, June 12th
A very well played 3 team game today as indicated by the final of 11-9-8. Play of the game was by Jimmy Laffoon playing up the middle. He glided to his left behind 2nd base and snagged a ground ball then blindly backhand flipped it to Fabian at second for the force out. Super play Jim. Here are the hitters. 
Rad 3-3. Laffoon 3-3. Hurn 3-3. Zelazny 1-1 w/2 sf. Hicks 2-4. Scarbrough 2-4. DeRidder 4-4 w/3b. Book 4-4. Gutenburger 2-4. Vandenberg 2-4. Shirer 4-4. Coffman 2-4. Tony Q 4-4 w/3b. Capozzi 3-4. 

The rules committee met today and decided to experiment with a new veer off rule at 2nd base this Friday. Basically, it is going to be very similar to the 2 base rule at 1st base in that secondary flat bases will be attached to the ground 4 ft to the left and right of the real 2nd base for the runner to peel off to. See if you can surmise the rest of it. Be there Friday for details. The rules committee feels strongly that this can eliminate many of the controversial calls (or lack thereof at 2nd base. ) As I stated, at this point this is an experiment. Please be there Friday.


Write up by Loren Fabian 

Friday, June 8th
Simply a fantastic 2 team game today after a very rainy Wednesday and Thursday. Winning pitcher was Wells beating the team pitched by Thompson and Morton by a final of 10-9. Not many hits and not many errors. Tom Capozzi had a field day at second base fielding at least 8 ground balls coupled with a line drive completely errorless. However it was in the losing effort. Bob Z and Loren F volunteered to umpire so there would be only 13 batters on a team as opposed to 14. Good decision as only 9 of 26 batters had more than 1 hit to account for the low score. Also, some had no hits. "Pitchers Duel". 

Here are the hitters for both teams. Gutenberg 3-4. Book 2-4. Rad 3-4. Capozzi 3-4. Learn 2-3. Thompson 2-3. Hicks 3-3. Tony Q 2-3 w/hr and requested oxygen. Boito 2-3. 

We have a rules committee meeting Tuesday and a BOD meeting Friday so if any of you have any suggestions, get them in the box Tuesday. If they are not in writing they will not be discussed. 

By Loren Fabian. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018


Please be at park by 0830. If you are going to be late, call 5615127102.

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Friday's games

Games are on. Fields in good condition if we do not get more rain. See you at the park.

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