Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tuesday, February 20th

A good game was played on Field D between the Tigers and KFC.  The score was 9-7 KFC after 4 innings.  KFC scored 2 in the 5th to lead 11-7.  Each team scored 1 run in the next 2 innings making the score 12-9 KFC. The Tigers scored 5 in the 8th taking scoring a 14-12 lead into the 9th.  Hamilton's guys sent 10 men to the plate in the 9th 6 runs and JD's guys scored 4 making the final score 20-16 Tigers.   This game featured the return of Shawn Watson, welcome back Shawn.

Leading Hitters for KFC were:
Ogden 4-5
Rad 3-5
Quinones 3-4
Busch 3-5
JD 3-5
Denny 2-4
Essenmacher 3-4
Wells 2-4

Leading Hitters for the Tigers were:
Hamilton 4-5
Held 3-5
Seguin 3-4
Keller 3-4
Witmer 2-4
Scarbrough 2-4
Murphy 2-3
Watson 3-4
D'Herin 2-4
Pinnick 2-4
Write up by Joe D'Herin

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It is that time of the year to hold elections for two board member positions and the commissioner.  The elections are going to be held on Friday, March 16, 2018. Applications to be eligible to run for a board position or the commissioner shall be turned in to a board member or the commissioner no later than Tuesday, March 6, 2018. See Don Witmer for an application.
Tuesday, February 21st
Today's battle between Larry Strait's Braves and Steve Hill's  OJ'S was played on Field E , In their previous two meetings both games went extra innings. This game started out very differently , as the Braves offense had trouble getting on track.

The OJ's built a 14 to 2 lead after 6 innings . They scored 5 runs in the 2nd  started by Tom Capozzi's single , on his way to a 4 for 4 day . The big hit was a two RBI single by Jim Laffoon ,The OJ's add 4 runs in the 6th , again started by a single by Capozzi followed singles Ed Spegel and Gisele Seguin , before Larry Chest cleared the bases with a blast to deep right center field . The Braves plated single runs in the 3rd and 5th innings , both runs provided by doubles off the bat of Travis Fryzowicz .

 The Braves scored 2 runs on 4 hits after two were out in the top of the 7th to make the score 14 to 4 . The OJ's answered with 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th . It looked like the game was over , with the score 18 to 4 after seven , But the then the Braves got hot ,

After one was out in the top of the 8th the Braves mounted their come back . Six  straight hits which was started by the bottom of the order plated 5 runs . The big hit was Larry Strait's two run single . The OJ's could push only one run across . After 8 score 19 to 9 . 

The Braves stayed hot in the 9th , plating 3 more runs before the OJ's defense made 3 good plays on hard hit balls to end the game  . The big play was a long running catch by Larry Chrest to save 2 runs  . The final score was OJ'S 19 Braves 12 .

Offense , Braves , Gerald Andrews 3 for 3 , John Boito and Joe Letourneau 3 for 4 , and Larry Strait 2 for 3 . 
OJ's , Juan Castillo 5 for 5 , Tom Capozzi 4 for 4  , Don Schapeler 3 for 3 / 2 w , Sam Lopez , Ken Weber and Ed Spegel 3 for 4
Defense  , Braves , Bob Hite , Joe Letourneau and Travis Fryzowicz
OJ's Ken Weber , Larry Chrest and Jim Laffoon

Submitted by Steve Hill

Tuesday, February 21st
Call the Doctor

Unfortunately, the flu has spiked this year and cases of the flu are up from previous years. What can you do to avoid the flu?

Drink Water. Water can help strengthen your immune system, keeping the flu at bay. And if you do get sick, water flushes your system, rehydrates you and washes out the toxins. An adult should drink eight, 8-ounce glasses, of fluids each day.

Wash your hands on a regular basis. We touch surfaces all the time, you do not want to touch a contaminated surface and then touch your noise, eyes or mouth. Washing hands cuts down on bacteria that you could transfer.

Take Zinc and Vitamin C to help the immune system.

Clean your cell phone. You hold your phone to your mouth and ear. Keep it sanitized, especially after setting it down in public areas.

We had a case of the bat and glove flu in the game between the Yankees and A’s, on 2/20. The A’s had too few hits, the bats were cold and needed to be placed under a blanket to warm them up. The gloves had dropitis.

The Yankees were in fairly good health and their bats proved it. If you check the thermometer you will see that they scored a healthy 20 runs, to easily win the game, 20-9. They had one, 5 run inning. Two, 4 run innings and a few other smaller innings. The 5 run inning came in the 4th and gave the Yankees a 12-2 lead. A double, by DeRidder and a HR, by DeBrock started the 5 run rally. Guzzo, Rivera, Alumbaugh and Jacobson finished off the surgical hitting that inning.

The A’s would not recover from that set back. The only medicine to overcome that type of lead is to hit and field. However, the A’s bats and gloves were anemic this game. The good news about sickness is that you can recover. Bat and glove sickness can be cured. It just takes some practice, a little rest, some concentration and effort. Good teams can have bad games, the sick can get healthy.

Medical charts for the Yankees showed these healthy bats:

Rivera: 3/4 with a walk.

Jacobson: 3/4 with a walk.

Toro: 3/4 with a double.

Book: 2/3 and a walk.

Gutenberger: 3/4 with a double.

DeRidder: 3/4 with two doubles.

DeBroeck: 4/4 with a HR.

Healthy bats for the A’s:

Hicks: 3/4.

Zelazny: 3/4.

Written by Nick Matta.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hey today a game was played without any arguments , has to be a record eh. A see-saw game for 4 innings between Powell's Warriors and Black's Nationals, with the Warriors leading 5 to 4.The next 3 innings saw the Nationals score the maximum of 5 runs each inning to take a 10 run lead. The Warriors scored 6 runs in the 8th to close the gap, but could not score in the 9th. making the final score Nationals 19, Warriors 15.


Warriors                                                                   Nationals

Ayer                 3/4                                                   Herb O                3/4  D

Grabb               3/4   D                                             Shaffer                3/4

Dampier           3/4   D                                              McLellan             3/4

Learn                3/4   D                                              Accetta               3/4

Spitaleri            3/4   2 D                                           Gilpin                  3/3

Vining               4/4   D,  T                                         Goreth               2/3

                                                                                   McPartlan        3/3

                                                                                   Black                  2/3
Spitaleri made a super over the head catch in shallow left field. Winning pitcher was B J Kallister.

Submitted by Elmer Black

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Hot Stove League
A beautiful, fun, February 16th day at the ballpark; sunshine, with pizza, drinks and dessert after the game. What a treat. I’ll tell you right now, the MVP of the day in all the games played, was Mel Hite. She cooked and served up some fantastic desserts. Way to go Mel, standing ovation.
Tigers: Stier, Hamilton, Held, Seguin, Keller, Witmer, Scarbrough, Murphy, Knox, Poke and Pinnick.
A’s: Hicks, Shirer, Doerbaum, Wiltshire, Duff, Matta, Vanderhyde, Pep, Zelazny, Crowell, Gazarek and Deemie.
Before consuming the yummies we did play a game, on Field C, between the Tigers and A’s. Who needs pizza? It was Dave Doerbaum serving up the cheese from the mound. Dave started the game notching 4 scoreless innings. Meanwhile the A’s bats were hot as an oven, we scored 9 runs during the first three meals/ innings.  
The A’s scored five runs in the first inning when Hicks, Doerbaum, Wiltshire, Duff, Matta and Vanderhyde all cut into the pie. In the 3rd inning, Deemie started things off with a double, Hicks singled him in. Shirer tripled in Hicks, Doerbaum singled in the 3rd run of the inning. Duff, Matta and Vanderhyde finished off the scoring by reaching base. When the smoke from the kitchen cleared, the A’s had scored 4. Both teams fasted in the 4th inning, notching a zero.  After 4 innings the score was Tigers: 0- A’s: 9.
That is about the time when the Tigers rolled up their sleeves, threw off the aprons and started cooking on the field. Steve Pinnick threw 3 scoreless innings, from the 4th through the 7th. Steve and the defensive Tigers, retired 9 out of 10 batters during that time. Tony the Tiger, of Frosted Flakes fame hails from Battle Creek, Michigan. Tommy’s Tigers, of WHSS, via Detroit, started to put some frosting on the old softball while batting. They scored 3-3-4 runs in the 5th-7th innings, while the A’s were eating soggy cereal in those middle innings.
The Tigers big 4 run inning, in the 7th, had some hits that could make Tony The Tiger utter his famous line; “they’re grrrreat”. Hamilton started the inning with a single, Held; doubled, Seguin; tripled, Witmer then singled, Scarbrough; singled and Knox; walked.  After the Tiger was finished roaring, they had taken the lead, 10-9. The A’s tied the game in the bottom of the 7th with a single run. Thanks to chefs, Zelazny, Crowell and Gazarek for cooking up a run, instead of a bun, in the oven. After 7 innings the score was 10-10.
Vanderhyde came in to pitch in the 8th  for the A’s. It was his job to grab the Tiger by the tail and keep him from having a big inning. Mission accomplished, the Tigers scored a solo run when Hamilton tripled and Seguin singled him in. They did manage to regain the lead, 11-10.
The A’s needed to feast in the 8th, or 9th inning; if they did not want to leave the field hungry. They had the right guys at the plate in the 8th. Shirer started out with an appetizer, a single to left. Then the man with the big fork, I mean bat, came up to the dish. All game long I heard a construction crew tearing down a tree across the street from the ballfield. It reminded me of the sound the ball makes when Doerbaum hits a homerun trough the palms, or oaks. A sound I have heard many times. The construction guys had finished their job. Dave was just getting started. He hit the coconut over the leftfield fence, into a palm tree, everyone on the field heard the thud. That gave the A’s the lead back. We did not stop the chow down with that HR.  Wiltshire and Duff then reached base; Matta tripled them in to add some insurance runs. Vanderhyde closed out the inning, driving in the 5th run from third, with a single. After 8 innings, the score was 11-15, in favor of the A’s.
I am sure it was similar at your home growing up, Mom always taught us to clean our plates at meal time. Vanderhyde, along with a solid A’s defense, kept the plate clean in the 9th as the Tigers went scoreless. Final Score: Tigers: 11-A’s:15. It was a well-played game by both teams, with some solid pitching, defense and timely hitting on display. Bon Appe’tit.
Thanks to Joe D’Herin for umpiring, a very difficult task at times.
Frosting the flakes for the Tigers:
Hamilton: 4/5 with a triple.
Held: 3/5 with a double.
Seguin: 3/5 with a triple.
Keller: 4/5 with a double.
Scarbrough: 3/5.
Knox: 3/5.
Using the hot sauce for the A’s:
Doerbaum: 4/4, with two doubles and a HR.
Duff: 3/4 with a double.
Matta: 2/3 with a walk and a triple.
Vanderhyde: 3/ 4 with a double.
Zelazny: 2/3.
Write up by Nick Matta

Todays game between S. Hill's OJ's and Black's Nationals was a nail bitter for two innings. The rest of the game belonged to the OJ.s out scoring the Nat's 17 to 6 for a final score of OJ.s winning 26 to 16. 

With league play now passed the mid point, the OJ's are the class of the league and the top team to beat as they are still unbeaten.

                                             Hitters  (there were many)

OJ.s                                                                Nationals

Chrest             4/5      4 D                               Hartley              4/5      D

Castillo            3/5      2  D                              McLellan            3/5     2 D

S. Hill              4/5      2  D                              B J Kallister        4/5

Ayer                4/5                                           Grove                 5/5

Laffoon            3/5     2  D                               Hawbaker           3/4

Lopez               4/5                                          Shearer               3/4

Weber              4/5                                          Goreth                 3/4

Spegel             2/3    BB                                  Black                   3/4

Submitted by Elmer Black