Sunday, October 16, 2016


The new 2016-2017 Enjoyment books are being shipped to the distributor. We should have the books in a week or so. They are still $30.00. As soon as we receive the books, we will have them available at the ballpark. Make sure that you buy your book(s) from Winter Haven Senior Softball so you can support all of the great things that we do for our members of Winter Haven Senior Softball.


Don Witmer, Commissioner

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fans in the stands. Nancy Frazier, Pat Merritt and Sally Strait

First, I must say we all have to do a better job of keeping the books. I could not decipher how many hits anyone had because they weren't marked. One player was on 5 times, scored 5 runs but nothing was marked as to hit, error or FC. Runs were kept very accurately and blacked in fine but if we want hitters to be recognized we must do a better job. 

D'Herin's dashers started strong with 5 runs in each of the first 3 innings and led Simon's Smashers by 7 and Powell's Pounders by 8 after those 3 innings. Then Joe's Dashers kind of "WENT SOUTH" on offense and only scored 2 more runs but hung on to win a well played 3 team game 17-16-15. 

Went south is a dig for "SNOWBIRDS". We're having fun. 

Write up by L. Fabian.          See y'all Friday. 
October's Best

Team Gonzalez, Visitors: Hicks, Rodriguez, Rad, Shirer, m. Gonzalez, pep, F. Gonzalez, Crowell, Jose V; Brown and Wells.
Team Toro, Home: Rivera, Witmer, Toro, Held, Luis, Johnny O, Coffman, Wiltshire, Larry B; Poke and Matta.
The Fall season has arrived at WHSS. The month of October commemorates some special occasions, the Fall Classic, in baseball, Octoberfest, and hard fought football action. October welcomes the start of the hockey and basketball seasons, autumn foliage and Halloween.
The temperature was beautiful, for softball at the Diamond Plex, on Tuesday, the temperature at game time was in the 70’s, with a slight wind. We welcomed October, with a Fall Classic game, in the American League.
The two teams battled back and forth, neither team could pull away with a big lead. These two teams battled like they were playing for the Stanley Cup, lots of gritty play. Especially by Brown who made several nice stops at first base for the visitors. He played like a shut down goalie.  We had heroics like the kind that LeBron James supplies on the hard wood. You might have to stretch your imagination in casting Poke, as LeBron James. Yet, he supplied the clutch play of LeBron, by going 4/5, with two doubles, a triple and a single. Crowell shook the leaves off of the trees with his 4/4 hitting. Although Hicks did not feast on Octoberfest knockwurst, he did feast on the Home teams pitching, going 4/5.
All of this added up to a very hard fought, close game. The Home team was ahead in the top of the 9th  inning,  13-10.  In football, they say,“ the Autumn Wind Is A Raider”. The visitors blew through their deficit, raiding and pillaging the Home teams lead. They came up with clutch hitting in the 9th.  Crowell started things off with a single. The next two batters were retired. Then Wells kept the inning alive with a single. Hicks, Rodriguez and Rad all kept the two out rally rolling. Rad’s hit tied the game, 13-13. Dave Shirer, did a pseudo Bill Mazeroski impersonation. Dave hit a 3 run home run to give his team the win,16-13, at least temporarily. Remember, Halloween comes at the end of the month and the bottom of the 9th comes at the end of a game, when the Home team is tied, or is losing. It was time for trick, or treat. The Home Team had a few tricks up their sleeve. In the bottom of the 9th  , Jeff B lead off with a single, Poke tripled him in and Matta hit a ground out, to the right side, that scored Poke. Still down by a run, the Home Team loaded the bases when Rivera, Witmer and Toro all got on base. Donny Held made Octoberfest, Wundervoll, for the Home squad, as he served as the festmeister. Don hit a long fly ball to deep left center field that no one could catch. He knocked in the tying and winning runs. Prost, which in German is translated, Cheers, the Home team won a classic, 16-17.

Hicks: 4/5.
Rodriguez: 3/5.
Crowell: 4/4 with a triple. 
Rivera: 4/5.
Toro: 4/5.
Held: 3/5.
Coffman: 3/5.
Wiltshire: 3/5.
Jeff B. 4/5.
Poke: 4/5 with a triple and two doubles.
WP: Jeff B.
Witten by Nick Matta.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Because of Hurricane Matthew the DiamondPlex is closed tomorrow, so no softball.  Please be safe and we will all get back to playing softball next week.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FYI -  Hey guys... Because of the possibility of bad weather this coming Friday.  The game against Solivita is being postponed.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fri. 9-30 National league.

Fans in the stands were Pat Merritt, Sally Strait, Melanie, Simon, Debbie and Mark. We welcome back Nic Burns to the American league and Don Torok and Marshall Bloom to the National league. More snowbirds. Don got his first hit of the season and played a solid SS. Marshall was 2-3. Don't know about Nic. Welcome back and see y'all Tue. Fabian's Flyers won the game 14-6.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Other News - There is a team from Solivita that would like to play a team from Winter Haven, age 69 and below, on Friday Oct 7.  Think about it guys and we will discuss on Friday 9/30.
Bob Hite
Tuesday Field C
National league final score was Fabian's Flyers 14 and Hite's Hammers 9 and was a really well played game as indicated by the score. Really low number of miscues on defense. Larry Chrest ran down several balls in LC field for great catches due to his speed. (Not fair). Johnny Merritt got drilled in the back by a throw from the outfield en route to third base but fortunately was ok. Pat was gonna check his back for a bruise but he'll survive to play another day. Jimmy Laffoon had the defensive play of the game heading to center field on a dead run and making a catch straight over his head. Great catch Jimmy. 
Hammer's hitters.    Hite 3-4 w/HR, Hawbaker 3-4, Capozzi 3-4 and Strai 4-4. 
Flyer's hitters.          Boswell 1 big HR, Laffoon 4-5, Schapeler 4-5, D. Hill 4-5 w/3B, learn, 3-4, Lopiccolo 2-3 and Fabian 3-4. 

It really was a fun game and glad Johnny was ok and Dean Schapeler who had to take a break from heat but came back in to get another hit. 

Fans in the stands - - Pat Merritt, Nancy Fraizer, Sally Strait, Jack, Don, Dottie and Diane. 
See y'all Friday
Write up by L. Fabian

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Friday September 23th.

National league final score was King and his court 16 and Fabian's Flyers 15. The temperature was just about as hot as the score. Had bathroom break delays and players having to bat out of turn, but the game was exciting to watch. The Court was up 16-11 with the Flyers coming to bat in the bottom of the open inning. They made it 16-13 and had the bases loaded with one out, then a big K, then Ron Thompson smacks a double to score another 2. But then a game ending K for the final score  

Hitters were Hite 3-4, Hampton 3-4, King 5-5 w/HR, Acetta 5-5 and Lee Baker 2-3. 
Other hitters were Boswell 4-4, Laffoon 3-5, Morton 4-5 and Thompson 4-5   

WP was Pat Lopiccolo. 
Fans in the stands were Pat Merritt, Sally Strait and Melanie Hite  

See y'all Tuesday

TUESDAY, SEPT 20, 2016
I heard the American League game was a lopsided 12-4 game. The visiting team got lucky. The National League was much closer and quite hot. Only went 7 innings and King and his court beat Fabian's Flyers (or freaks as King called us) with the score being 10-8. Great game. 
Fans in the stands were Jack and Diana and Sally Strait and Nancy Frazier. 
We welcomed Frank Jacobs back from his absence and he had several good catches in left field and was 2 for 3. Ron Thompson was the winning pitcher. Chrest was THE leading hitter going 4 for 4. 

See y'all Friday. 

Write up by Loren Fabian

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey guys,

Donnie won't be playing for the next several weeks, so if you have any questions contact Bob Hite 443-745-1090.