Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tuesday, May 23rd
On a beautiful, cool Tuesday morning, 39 ball players showed up to play ball. It would have been nice to have 40 players but we made 4 teams anyhow. The National League played with 10 players on a team. The American League tried something different this morning. I put nine players on a team and I played shortstop for one team and second base for one team. I did not bat. This made 10 players per team in the field, each team provided a catcher/umpire when they were at bat and we played one heck of a ball game. The visiting team was made up of Steve Hicks, Dave Shirer, Juan Toro, JD Davis, Don Scarbrough, Randy Crowell, Bobby Skidmore, Ralph Boswell and Bob Hite. The Home Team was made up of Rad Pcholinski, Bobby Reagan, Ray Aufiero, Dave Doerbaum, Ron Pepin, Terry Smith, Bob Zelazny Curt Coffman and Larry Book. The visiting team started out hitting a lot of "ATOM" balls. Everything they hit for the first three innings were hit right at the fielders and were caught. After three innings, the visiting team was down six runs. In the top of the fourth inning, the visiting team decided to change strategies and hit the ball where there were no fielders. They scored six runs and tied the score. In the sixth inning the visiting took the lead while scoring four more runs. Not to be outdone, the home team scored three runs to tie the ball game. Each team scored one run in the seventh inning to remain tied. In the eighth inning, the home team decided to take the lead again and scored five runs in the bottom of the eighth. The visiting team, now behind five runs had to make something happen in the ninth inning. The first four batters reached base and the fifth batter hit a sac fly to score the second run of the inning. Two more runs crossed the plate with two outs and runners at first and second base when the final out was made. The final score was Home Team 16 and Visitors 15. Everyone had at least five at bats and some players actually had six at bats.

Write up by Don Witmer   
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
A long hot, humid game between King's Kruisers and Fabe's Flyers where the Flyers took charge early, were up 17-8 after 4 innings and stood their ground for a 23-16 victory. Many good hitters, including Lee  Baker who was 3-5. Other hitters for the Kruisers were Pedro Navarro 3-5, King 6-6, D. Hill 4-6, Marino 4-6, Morton 5-5. Great hitting. 

Wells was the WP and hitters were Thompson 5-6, Bobby C. 5-6, Laffoon 5-6, Jacobs 5-6 Fabian 3-4. 

New player on board Pete had a very good game in centerfield with at least 5 catches. 

Gene Baker got his glove up in time to snag a foul ball. It may have been in self defense, but he got it. Good job Gene along with Lee Baker's hot bat today. You both should get game balls. Lee, you're in charge of that. 

Everyone show up who can on Friday, as the Solivita boys are showing up to play 2 seven inning games against our American League boys. That is turning into a classic that Donnie and Eddie want to keep going maybe for years. Sure is fun.
Write up by Loren Fabian 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tuesday, May 16th
Defensive Gem
I am breaking two rules of mine to write this game report. Rule 1, don’t write up games after May 1. Rule 2, don’t write up a game just to boast on the other team’s performance.
The AL game in Winter Haven was such a tremendous effort given by the Home team that I am breaking my self-proclaimed rules, to give them the credit they deserve. Why not? We are all friends anyway. The defensive lineup of Hicks, Shirer, Ray Aufiero, and Skidmore in the OF, with Boswell, Scarbrough, Rad, Vandenberg and Cappozzi in the infield and JD on the hill, deserves acclimation. These guys played a solid and at times spectacular defensive game. They were the Steel Curtain of softball. They played like Martin Brodeur, between the pipes in hockey. Bill Russel was a defensive force in basketball, this softball defense played with that kind of effort. I had to look and make sure Brooks Robinson, Ozzie Smith, Joe Morgan and Willie Mays were not playing against us. Was that Bob Gibson on the mound? They caught line drive after line drive and ran down almost every fly ball we hit. Along with some timely hitting that enabled them to take an 11-2 lead, into the 8th inning. In the 8th the Visitors managed to tighten the game, by scoring 5 runs. Making it a 11-7 game. The Home team rallied to put the game away in the bottom of the 8th, scoring 5 runs of their own. Hits by Hicks, Rad, Shirer, JD, Vandenberg, (triple), and Skidmore locked up the barn with the horses in the stales. Final score Visitors: 7- Home team: 16.
Write up by Nick Matta

Monday, May 15, 2017

Friday, May 12th
It was a very good game with a final score of Witmer's Warriors 10, Straits Sluggers 9 and Kings Kruisers 8. There were many fine defensive plays by all 3 teams and it was anybody's game going into the open inning at 7-7-8. All scored in the final frame and the Warriors were down by 2 for their last at bat being the home team. Shirer led off with a triple, Witmer followed with a triple and Book followed with a walk off single thru the right side. 
See ya Tuesday. 
Write up by Loren Fabian. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th.
This was a very good game between Fabian's Flyers and King's Kruisers. And it's good to have Russ King back. The score after 6 innings was 15-4 in favor of the Flyers and setting the table for a flip flop game. Not to happen as Fabe's did not put up a tally in the last 3 innings. Whereas King put up 3 in the 7th and 3 more in the 8th but couldn't squeeze any over in the 9th for a final of 15-10. Fun game in spite of some base running errors. 

Hitters were Capozzi 3-5, Jacobs 4-5, King 5-5, Schapeler 4-5, Strait 3-5, Powell 3-5. 

HITE 4-5 w/2hrs, Dampier 3-5, Laffoon 3-5, Ortiz 3-5, Navarro 3-5, Morton 4-5 and WP, Fabian 3-5. 

See ya'll Friday. 

Write up by Loren Fabian. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Games are on!!  Rain predicted at 9:00 am.  Bring your umbrella!!
Tuesday, May 2, 2017
What a well battled game between Strait's Sluggers and Fabian's Flyers. Final was Fabian 22 and Strait 20 but so much fun from beginning to end. After 6 innings it was 16-14 in favor of the Flyers but the last 3 innings got very interesting when the Flyers put up a nickel in the 8th and thought they could coast which they did as they didn't score in the top of the 9th. But the Sluggers had other ideas as they put up 4 in the bottom of the 8th and another 4 in the bottom of the 9th and had Steve Hill at the plate representing the WINNING run before the rally was finally ended. It was a great game. 

Winning pitcher was Larry Powell. Jimmy Laffoon made a great backhand stab of a liner off the bat of ever so dangerous Larry (Josh) Wells. Bobby C had a fantastic game at 2nd base for the Flyers, making no less than 7 fine fielding plays possibly more. 

Russ King made a very fine flying catch on the outfield grass. Teammates were calling him twinkle toes. Great catch Russ. I hit that ball. 

Strait hitters.    S. Hill 3-6,  Capozzi 2-5. King 3-5. Dampier 3-5. Wells 2-5. Learn 3-4 w/HR. Schapeler 4-5. Hite 1-5. Bess 3-5. Navarro 3-5. L. Baker 1-2 w/3BB. Strait 3-5. 

Fabian hitters.    Boswell 2-5. Aufiero 3-5. Gonzales 3-5. Laffoon 5-5. Jacobs 3-5. Marino 3-5. Hawbaker 5-5w/HR. Gibson 2-5. Lopiccolo 4-4. Bobby C. 3-5. Powell 2-5. Fabian 2-5.  

Fans in the stands were Sally Strait and Nancy Fraizer. 
What a great game. 
Write up by Loren Fabian.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday May 2nd

Games are on. Bring your umbrella. Rain is coming.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tuesday, April 25th
On Field C, Larry Strait and Bob Hite managed the two teams to a one run game that was won in the bottom of the ninth inning.  Strait's team was up by 10 in the 7th but Hite's team scored 8 in the 8th and won it in the 9th 21-20.

On Field D, Tommy Hamilton and Les Jacobson managed the two teams that also had a one run finish in the bottom of the ninth. Hamilton went ahead in the top of the ninth only to have Ray Aufiero hit a booming fly ball to left field to score the winning run from first base.

Write up by Loren Fabian and Don Witmer

Monday, April 24, 2017

Friday, April 21st.
What a fantastic double header between the best of the best from these 2 wonderful senior softball clubs. First I must say the commraderie and sportsmanship was fantastic. Actually off the charts. When the second game was done, the hand shake line was the longest I have ever seen in my 5 years of this. All were involved and also many hugs. All umpire decisions were honored without question and there were many bang, bang plays. Congratulations to both teams. 

Speaking of umpiring, the home plate and only umpire nearly got wiped out 3 times. First time was when Smashers shortstop Jack Bonura uncorked a relay to the plate which was a bit off line up the first base line and kept screw balling about 5 ft. as the  ump tried to get out of the way. The fans said that Smashers catcher Bo Miller snagged it right before thumping the ump. The umpire also had to quickly duck 2 intense foul tips, but he survived. 

On to the games. First one was won by Winter Have 18-17 even though they tried to hand it to Solivita in the bottom of the open inning. Solivita scored 15 runs in the first 5 innings and were up 15-8. BUT, Winter Haven scored 7 in the 6th to tie it and then 3 more in the 7th and hang on for the squeaky victory in spite of 4 home runs by the Smashers. 2 over the wall by Bo Miller, another by Chris Varrone which nearly reached the cart path beyond right field. The 4th was in the park by speedy Jack Bonura. 
Box score. Smashers,  Brown 0-4, Bonura 3-4 HR, C. Varrone 2-4 HR, Johns 2-2, Miller 2-3 both HRs, Tom Mc 1-3, Beck 2-3, Dan Brown 1-3, Francisco 1-3, Kelly 2-2 w/BB, Renwick 1-3, Keller 2-3,Good 2-3.   Also, there were so many good plays by both sides I could not record them all as I was the umpire trying to stay alive. HA!!!

Second game is why I came up with Solivita's name Smashers as they sprayed the ball everywhere, scoring in every inning, 3 of them where they out up nickels for a final of 21-9. Defensive play of the day was when Solivita pitcher Lenny Ike , scooted toward  third base and barely snagged a weak pop fly and was going to the ground, when third baseman Keith Beck caught him and kept him upright. Keith was told HE made the catch of the day and should be awarded the game ball. Great catch, both of you. 
Box score Smashers. Kelly 4-4, Bonura 3-4, Varrone 2-3, Johns 2-4, Miller 3-4, Beck 2-4, B. Brown 3-4, Tom Mc 3-4, D. Brown 2-4, Francisco 2-4, Keller 2-3, Ike 2-2 w/bb, Morin 2-3. 

Box score 1st game for Winter Haven. Rivera 3-4, Hamilton 4-4, Rad P 3-4, Jacobson 3-3, Matta 1-4 and WP, Guzzo 2-2, Witmer 2-3, Pepin 2-3, D'Herin 2-3, JD starting pitcher and BB, Lopez 1-2 BB, Torres 1-3, Castillo 2-3. 
2nd game. Rivera 2-3, Hamilton 3-4, Jacobson 2-3, Matta 2-3, Guzzo 3-3, D'Herin 2-3, JD 2-3. 

I don't know how to end this longest write up I have ever done other than I wish I could remember some of the great defensive plays made but I was the umpire trying to stay alive. There might have been close to 100 or more FANS IN THE STANDS. 

FANTASTIC TIME EVERYONE.  Especially if you enjoy softball. 

Write up by Loren Fabian.