Tuesday, November 17, 2015


A board meeting was held after the games on Tuesday. We currently have 130 players signed up for the season that begins Tuesday, January 5th.We are trying to have 4 teams in the American League and 6 teams in the National League (No Three Team Games). We still need a few more players to make that happen. Some of the players that have signed up are not able to play both days and will be in the player pool. If you have not signed up please do so as soon as possible. The Draft for the American League is Friday, December 4th and the Draft for the National League is Tuesday, December 8th.

We will be getting new shirts and hats this year. The hats are going to be two years hats due to the cost. If you lose your hat, you will be required to purchase another one for $10.00. The hats are nice and have to be worn during league play.  

We will be changing the start time for the games beginning on Tuesday, December 1st. Be there no later than 9:00 AM and games will begin as soon as possible after that. Team makeup can begin once we have a player count so we know how many teams there are going to be. Don't forget to sign in. If you are going to be late, call me at 863.860.5381 and I will sign you in.

We still need managers for the National League. If you want to be a manager for the National League see me or a board member and let us know.

Enjoyment Books are still on sale for $30.00. Please buy your books from Winter Haven Senior Softball and support your league.

Don Witmer, Commissioner

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Their will be a Memorial Service for John on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 from 2:00 to 4:00 at the Garden Grove Oaks Club House. The address is 6038 Garden Grove Oaks Drive, Winter Haven.

Please keep John's family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Games are on in Winter Haven.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Numbers Game

Numbers have always been important in sports, softball is no exception. We look at numbers like runs per inning, official scoring, errors, walks, batting averages and the final score. Here are some numbers from the WHSS, AL game, on 11/3: 1,000; 62, 55, 1 and 2.
Hitting Team: Rad, Coffman, Hicks, Doerbaum, Giordano, Leversque, Burns, Rodriguez, Wells and Dampier.
Sitting Team: Pepin, Constantine, Wiltshire, Matta, DeRidder, Crowell, Pinnick, Lopez, S. Hill and Andrews.
Fielding Team: Gonzales, Keller, Toro, Quinonee, Jacobson, D’Herin, Toro, Reagen, Denny and Davis.
Let’s look deeper into those numbers listed above, they will tell the story of the game. 1,000 was the batting average for Rad, Dampier, DeRidder, Hill, Keller and Denny. 62 was the number of outs recorded in the seven inning game. Upon further examination you will notice that if there had been 63 outs recorded, the outcome of the game would have been different. 55 was the number of runs all three teams totaled. The most important number was 1. The Fielding team won the game by one run when Joe D’Herin drove in the winning run, with 2 outs on the scoreboard, in the last inning.
Final Score: Hitting Team: 12- Sitting Team: 21- Fielding Team: 22.
Leading Hitters:
Rad: 4/4, with a double.
Rodriguez: 3/4, with a double.
Dampier: 2/2, with a double.
Pepin: 3/ 5.
Constantine: 3/5.
Matta 3/ 5.
DeRidder: 5/5, with two doubles.
Crowell: 4/5.
Pinnick: 3/5.
Lopez: 3/5.
Hill: 5/5 with a triple and a double.
Gonzalez: 3/5 with a HR.
Keller: 5/5 with two doubles.
Toro: 4/5.
Quinonee: 3/5.
Jacobson: 3/5, with a double.
Reagen: 3/ 4.
Denny: 4/4 with two doubles.
JD: 3/4.
submitted by Nick Matta

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The Diamondplex is being used this weekend starting Friday morning for a girls tournament and we will not be able to play ball. See you Tuesday, November 3rd.

Don Witmer

Tuesday Oct 27, 7:45 AM

No rain in winter haven. Games are on.
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Tuesday Oct. 27

Its raining in winter haven. Games are still on. Update at 7:30.
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Monday, October 19, 2015

October 13, 2015 Board Meeting

A WHSS board meeting was held on Tuesday, October 13th. We currently have over 110 paid registrations for 2016 and need everyone to submit their application as soon as possible. The makeup of the league is dependent on the number of players who sign up to be full time players. The registration fee is $40.00 with a $10.00 late fee after October 14, 2015.

The Polk County Senior Softball Hall of Fame is an important part of our softball history. Every year, we try to nominate deserving members of Winter Haven Senior Softball to become members of the Hall of Fame. The expenses to maintain the Hall of Fame continue to rise. Since the Hall of Fame is self funded by members and has no outside source of funding, the Board of Directors has decided to help fund the Hall of Fame with a donation of $200.00.  

During the summer, the league generally has 2 to 4 teams. On those extremely hot days in July and August, it is nearly impossible to have a team made up of nine players. However, our current rules require nine player teams when a certain amount of players have signed up.The Board of Directors has decided to eliminate Rule V-#2 that requires nine player teams and have opted to allow the board members making up the teams to use their judgement to make up teams. Based on the survey results, the league will still try to eliminate three team games when possible. 

One of the biggest issues the Board of Directors face each year is the makeup of teams for league play. For many years now, we have had two leagues based on age with some exceptions granted by the Board. This year we will continue with two leagues but with a little different flare than previous years. The American League will be made up of four teams and the managers will select their teams from the entire pool of full time players. The remaining full time players will become the National League. There will continue to be a pool for players who are not able to play both days. Final details on the league will be based on the number of players signed up by the middle of November.

There were three positions on the Board of Director that were open this year. We had six members who vied for those three positions. I want to express my gratitude to those six members who were willing to take the time and volunteer to serve of the Board of Directors. The three openings were filled by Larry Powell, Freddie Gonzalez and Richard Moots. Thanks again to the three members who were willing to serve but did not get elected.

Don Witmer, Commissioner 



Friday, October 9, 2015

Carla Bowley

I am sorry to inform the club that Bill Bowley's wife, Carla, passed away suddenly recently. Please keep Bill and his family in your thoughts and prayers.